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What they're saying about Marty

by Staff Writer / New Jersey Devils
As Marty Brodeur has spent much of the month of December chasing the record-breaking 104th shutout of his legendary career, was busy collecting thoughts from around the NHL on Martin Brodeur's career in general, and the shutout record in particular.

"Terry Sawchuk set a shutout record that stood for more than 45 years and withstood the challenge of more than 500 goaltenders who have played in the National Hockey League since then. By surpassing that record tonight, Martin Brodeur reached yet another level of goaltending supremacy. The entire NHL family congratulates him, the Devils and every member of the organization who contributed to this marvelous accomplishment." -- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman
"To see what he does night after night in a way that no other goalie is doing. He does it with flair and excitement and he does it with the calmness that everyone is talking about. It was just a wonderful, wonderful night." -- Former goalie and current Devil announcer Chico Resch

To see what he does night after night in a way that no other goalie is doing. He does it with flair and excitement and he does it with the calmness that everyone is talking about. It was just a wonderful, wonderful night. - Chico Resch
"It seems to never end here with all the records he is breaking. It's been pretty impressive. I don't know if there are any more records he can break. It's been great for the New Jersey Devils and it's been great for Marty and great for everyone." -- Devils forward Jay Pandolfo
"I think (the shutout record) will never be broken. It's hard for a goaltender. They do have a lot of pressure. Marty, most of the time he is in net for 60 out of the (82) games and it demands a lot. That's why I feel Marty is so good, he's getting older and he's still in the net for almost every game. -- New Jersey coach Jacques Lemaire

"He's one of the best players ever in goal and, for me, personally, to play against him and Jersey is always tough. They are one of the more difficult team's in the League to play because of him. He's a legend and future Hall of Famer. There's nothing I can say more." -- Montreal defensemen Andrei Markov

"I coached Marty in two Olympics and a World Cup and coached against him a lot. I just feel what he's brought to the game has been great. I think Marty is an outstanding goaltender, but I think more than that, he's a great person. I think his ability to perform under pressure and his demeanor has been something that's always impressed me. He has time for people and is a very well-grounded individual." -- Montreal coach Jacques Martin

"He was my favorite goalie when I was growing up. I've been watching him all the way. Last year, he set the record for wins in Montreal and it was unbelievable for him -- it's a lot of wins. His teammates play for him. It's his show right now. It was fun to play against him and be on the ice with him. Me? I've got two (shutouts). One hundred and two more. It's unbelievable. He was lucky he was healthy and that he played for one team. That's why I like him. Every year he's one of the best goaltenders in the League. He's played 16 years in NHL and he's never too low, too high, he's in the middle. All season, he's not up and down. He's got the same temperament almost every game." -- Atlanta goalie Ondrej Pavelec
"In my mind, he's the best to ever play the game. He's a proven winner. It's always a fun challenge to play against him. It's so impressive. Being that consistent for so many years playing that many games a season it's just extremely impressive. He has all the ingredients of just being the best. He's always in there; he very seldom misses a game and is just night in and night out consistent." -- Atlanta goalie Johan Hedberg
"It's always good to play against the great players. I feel that he's one of the best goalies in NHL history. I'm sure he's going to break all the records because of the way Jersey plays, they don't make a lot of mistakes in their own end and he's a great goaltender. He's got a lot of confidence, he can move the puck, he's a very athletic goalie. It's nice to see the old school-style goalies stand up, and I think that's why it's so awesome." -- Atlanta forward Ilya Kovalchuk
"He's a little bit of a throwback. He's just a pure goaltender. He makes saves, he makes great reads and that's the difference. He reads the play. It's not necessarily about getting in the way and blocking the net. He's going to read what he thinks the shooter's going to do and he's going to read where he thinks the puck is going to go. Brodeur's done a good job with a system that benefits him, but he's also world-class, so he just stands above everybody." -- Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller
"For the amount of years he's played at the level he has with the consistency he has is absolutely impressive. I think it's a credit to him to be able to always come out with the same type of game and the same type of competitiveness and that same style and have his team near the top of the Conference year after year. -- Philadelphia coach Peter Laviolette

"I think the first thing you notice is his longevity -- his consistency. Obviously, the way they play there hasn't really changed over the last 15-18 years he's been there. They play a very good defensive game, but at the same time he's counted on to make timely saves. While they play tight, they still give up chances and sometimes he may not have a lot of work and he's got to stay sharp. Then there are nights he gets more work and he's able to get into the flow of the game but it's his mental capabilities of staying sharp and staying within the flow of the game even when he might not be getting a lot of action that's so impressive to me. That goes to that consistency, year-in and year-out, of being one of the top goalies in the League." -- Philadelphia defenseman Chris Pronger
"I'd say his durability, with the exception of that injury he had last year, is what's so amazing to me. It's amazing that he's continued to go on year after year and play as many games, as many minutes. You could say he's played on a defensive team, but he's had games at times where he's won games on his own. I got the opportunity to play with him a couple of weeks during the lockout in the World Stars Tour and the biggest thing I got from watching him was how much fun he has in the game and how competitive he is in practices. What he's done is amazing and I'd say it's pretty much untouchable now; I don't see anyone else getting in the range of (104) shutouts, especially with the way the game is played now. I just don't see it." -- Carolina forward Ray Whitney
"How many seasons has he played? Sixteen. That's a lot of shutouts. The big reason for him, too, is the team. They play pretty good defense. That's not taking anything away from him, but it obviously helps. He doesn't get five breakaways per game, but playing against him not long ago, you can see he's a great goalie. His style is so different and you have to admire that." -- Boston rookie goalie Tuukka Rask

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