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Devils Q&A with Jamie Langenbrunner

by Staff Writer / New Jersey Devils

Langenbrunner was named last December as the eighth captain in team history.

email – This week's Devils Q&A features fans' questions to right wing Jamie Langenbrunner. Here's how the team captain answered your questions!

How do you describe yourself as a hockey player?
Olsztyn, Poland

I'd say I'm a two-way player that plays hard and works hard to be effective at both ends of the ice.

Langenbrunner says he learned from the leadership of Hall-of-Fame defenseman Scott Stevens.
What is the best thing about playing for the Devils?
Chester, Md.

The best thing would definitely be that we're competitive year in, year out. Going into training camp every year, you have a chance to win a Stanley Cup.

The move to Prudential Center has been great for the fans. How has it been for the players?
Jersey City, NJ

It's been great for the team too. There's a much better atmosphere in the building when you compare it to the Meadowlands. Just going to the rink every day, you're going into a city instead of a parking lot. It's exciting. The facilities are second to none, and it's a good place to work every day.

Becoming the Devils captain is obviously no small responsibility.  How did you react to being named the captain and how did you go about taking over the role in the locker-room?
Weedsport, N.Y.

I was a little bit surprised when it happened. As far as taking over the role, it's still a work in progress. I think, for the most part, it's not about changing a whole lot. You're named captain for a reason: because of the certain way you have of doing things. To change your approach would be a disservice to the reasons a team had for making you captain in the first place.

You've played with great leaders like Scott Stevens and Joe Nieuwendyk. What aspects of their games have helped you be a good leader?
New Jersey

The way they treated people and the way they went about their business... seeing that from those guys was a great learning experience for me. I try to take the best of what I saw from them and use as much as I can in my own demeanor. You can't duplicate the presence of a Scotty Stevens.  He didn't say a whole lot, but his leadership came through in the way he came to work every day. Joe, on the other hand, was a guy that would say the right things at the right time. More importantly, he treated every player as an equal and with a lot of respect. He made every guy feel like he was a part of the team, even a kid that had just been called up from the minors.

How do you prepare yourself before a playoff game? What kind of  things do you and the team talk about?
Jersey City, N.J.

We spend the night before a game in the team hotel, so preparation starts then. We have dinner as a team. Right before the game, it's not much different than a regular season game. You have to stay within the same routine and not try to change things up.

Outside of sports, what are some activities/hobbies that you enjoy?
Kathryn & Jen
Montville, N.J.

I like golf, but I guess that counts as a sport. On the team, we play a card game called Schnarples, which is similar to Spades. It's myself, Marty Brodeur, John Madden, Jay Pandolfo and Brian Gionta. I've played it for years; for as long as I can remember. Marty was player of the year this year. He had did pretty well against us.

Who were some of your favorite NHL players growing up?
West Milford, N.J.

Growing up in Minnesota, I was a fan of Neal Broten. He'd be No. 1 on my list. We're both from northern Minnesota, and even though I don't play a similar style, he was someone I looked up to. He was a teammate during my rookie year in Dallas (1994-95), and that was special for me. 

What is your most memorable goal as a Devil?
Parsippany, N.J.

At Montreal in the last regular season game of 2006, when we had won 11 games in a row to catch the Rangers for the division. We got down 3-0 in the second period against Canadiens, but Brian Gionta had a couple of goals, then Patrik [Elias] got one. I wound up getting the winner with a couple of minutes left to put us over the top.

If there was a fire in your house, and you could only take 3 CDs.... what would they be?
Edison, N.J.

I'm a Godsmack fan, so definitely one of my Godsmack CDs. Probably one from Metallica, and I'll throw in Pantera, too. Makes me sound like a total headbanger, even though I'm really not. I'm friends with some of the guys on Godsmack, so that's probably part of it.

What are some of your favorite places to visit in New Jersey?
Hazlet, N.J.

I love the golf courses in New Jersey. My course is Essex County, but I like Ridgewood, too, and I'll throw in Baltusrol. My favorite place to eat would be Divina in [Caldwell], and the family likes visiting Verona Park.

Do you spend your summer back in Minnesota, or do you and your family stay
in New Jersey?
Springfield, N.J.

We spend July and August in Minnesota. We have a lake house here [in Minnesota], and it's a nice little change of pace. When I started [in the NHL], we didn't know how much I'd have to move around and we wanted to get a place that we could always call home for a few months of the year. But since I've spent six seasons with the Devils, New Jersey has become home, too.

When you first came to New Jersey, you contributed right away and were one of the stars of the '03 Cup run. The Devil players seem to do a great job of making new players feel comfortable and fit right in. What's the secret?
Green Township, N.J.

I think we have a good, laid-back bunch of guys in New Jersey. It's not a tough bunch to get along with as far as the personalities go. It's a team of guys that are there with one goal, and that's to win. If you make people feel comfortable, winning can happen a lot quicker.

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