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by Heath Price-Khan / Arizona Coyotes
If you are a fan of the Phoenix Coyotes, then you have probably already purchased your ticket for "Game Night" on Sunday March 9th at Dave & Buster’s. The opportunity to take on Shane Doan in Air Hockey, or Keith Ballard in Bowling is something that has fans honing their skills across the valley. Who wouldn’t want to tell their friends that they beat Dan Carcillo at Golden Tee?

No one is preparing harder for Game Night with the Coyotes than the ready for battle TV duo of Play-By-Play Announcer Dave Strader and TV Color Analyst Darren Pang. These guys will do anything it takes to win on Game Night, and they mean business with their new training regimen. Pushing each other to the limits in all the major sports Dave & Buster’s offers is what these guys are all about. While you are sleeping, they are doing Yoga and Pilates to get ready to for Bowling, Billiards, and Air Hockey. was lucky enough to get an invitation at 7am to Dave & Buster’s to be a part of the first annual “Announcer Olympics”. When you think of the great head to head duels in sports, you will now have to add Pang vs. Strader to a list that includes Ali & Frazier, and McEnroe & Connors. After you watch the following video you will understand that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, and that if you're not cheating, you're not trying!

Exclusive Video Coverage of "The Announcer Olympics"

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