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Postcards from Prague : Sadie Hawkins Day

by Todd Walsh / Arizona Coyotes
It is “Sadie Hawkins” Day here in Prague. Or so I have decided.

So instead of looking out my window here, I’ll turn my gaze elsewhere.

                Todd Walsh
I can’t believe what I have been reading and watching. There is nothing quite as unsettling as opening up a web page of the local paper and downloading photos of a storm and seeing a few jaw dropping pictures and realizing that some of them are from literally a half block from my house! Can’t wait to get the chain saw fixed and to start dragging limbs and trees to the sidewalk.
Do you know when the city will pick them up?
Will they pick them up?
Can they pick them up?
I’d like to apologize to the fine folks in my neighborhood. I presume that when I am sawing the wood it will be about 4 am as the result of my jet lag.

I, too, am happy that the Diamondbacks decided to retain Kirk Gibson as their manager.
Remember what I said on the “Tenth Inning” a couple of episodes back?
“He is the right man, at the right time for the right team.” It’s a good call and a risky call by a new GM. But I get a good vibe from Kevin Towers. Plus, he’s a hockey freak! I heard that he used to take the train from San Diego to Anaheim to see the Ducks on The
Pond. We have to get him out to to see the Coyotes. I don’t think it will take much. I bet he buys season tickets.

The controversy rages on in Cardinal land, I see. Max Hall it is. What does this say about how Ken Whisenhunt really feels about Matt Leinert? The season hangs in the balance. I hope the crowd gives him a chance. He will need all the help he can get.

As I write this, Roy Halladay is dealing. And these are just the hi lites on the Euro sports channel. Want to know how tired I was last night? We got back from Latvia just as the Yankees/Twins game was starting. I hadn’t slept in three days. I turned off the remote and the cell phone. Seven straight hours of sleep! And the Bombers won. What did Bono sing? “Sleep tonight. And may your dreams be realized?”

By the way, don’t try and break in new shoes while on the road for a week in Europe. Rookie mistake. Game Misconduct.

Players from the Coyotes and Dinamo Riga shake hands after Wednesday's game.
I won’t ever forget the experience we all had yesterday. It was a grind. Heading to practice in Prague, right to the airport, landing in Riga, police escort, then the game,
postgame, leaving Latvia for Prague all the while hoping that jet lag wouldn’t win out. We have had days and weeks like that before. It’s the way of life in the NHL. But to be somewhere and witness the unbridled enthusiasm for the moment was something we all need to remind ourselves of. In fact, just my opinion here, but I wish a few members of a certain city government were on board for the journey. You had to be there.

The Coyotes are now buckling in for the next few days and the opening games of the season. You can feel it. Dave Tippett gave them a bit of a break today, but rest assured this team is ramping up for Saturday and Sunday.

But before they do that, tonight a chance to have a State dinner with the Prime Minister at Hrzansky Palace. Shane Doan has informed me that the cold fork is for salad. What a great scouting report from a grizzled veteran.

And that’s where I will be tonight and I appreciate the invitation from the Coyotes. They have included us as a part of this amazing journey, which I have always believed would be the story arc of the first months of this season. But I have to ask, if you are using my Tom Petty tickets for tonight’s rescheduled show, will you at least stand and sing out loud when he kicks in with “Running Down a Dream?” That’s all I ask.

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