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by Anthony Perez / Arizona Coyotes
On June 5, approximately 80 members of the Phoenix Coyotes Booster Club gathered in Scottsdale for a party to close the book on the team’s memorable 2009-10 season.

Defensemen Jim Vandermeer and Derek Morris, and TV/radio analyst Tyson Nash attended the event, which was held at the 18-degrees Neighborhood Grill inside the Alltel Ice Den. All three signed autographs and interacted with the attendees.

Nash said the booster club’s support of the team is outstanding, and that it’s important for the players to return the favor by spending time with the members of the club.

Tyson Nash and Derek Morris talk with members of the booster club on June 5, 2010. Photo by Norm Hall.
“Obviously, the support never ends here,” Nash said. “(Booster Club President) Heather Schroeder has done a nice job… And it’s nice to see all these fans, and some of the players who are left in town mingling a little bit and throwing around a few smiles.”

Schroeder said new members of the booster club are always welcome.

“We’re a fan club and we’re also a non-profit organization, so we do things to bring the fans together to support the team,” Schroeder said. “We do viewing parties and tailgate parties, we also raise money for Coyotes Charities, and we have a lot of auctions and other things that we do to raise money. We’re really just here to support the team and grow the fan base.”

Schroeder said the booster club is thankful that Nash, Morris and Vandermeer attended the party.

“They (the Coyotes) are so good helping us grow the fan base,” Schroeder said. “One of the ways they do that is to make the players available for the fans, because as soon as people meet the players, they’re hooked.”

Morris said he enjoys getting to spend time with the members of the booster club and thank them for their support.

Jim Vandermeer talks with members of the booster club on June 5, 2010. Photo by Norm Hall.
“These are our loyal fans that we’ve had for years,” Morris said. “They’re people who come to every single game and are passionate. It’s nice to be able to come out and visit them for a few minutes.”

Morris also wanted to let the members of the group know that their efforts are noted by the players.

“It gets overlooked,” Morris said. “Obviously, the booster club does a lot, not necessarily to promote our team, but to promote the game and make the game grow in Arizona. I think they’ve done an excellent job.”

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