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The Official Site of the Arizona Coyotes

What You'll Receive

  • Teacher Welcome Letter
  • Teacher Welcome Gift
  • Program Instructions
  • Student Reading Log for each student in your class
  • Coyotes prizes for each student in your class

How It Works

Applications will remain open until 150 classes are registered at each grade level, grades 2-4.

Classroom materials and teacher welcome packet can be picked up Thursday, Sept. 19 through Saturday, Sept. 21.

STEP THREE: Set Benchmarks and Goals
Set benchmarks (in minutes) for your students to receive Coyotes prizes, as well as a classroom goal. Record these on your Classroom Poster.

STEP FOUR: Record Minutes
Students keep track of minutes read each day, both in class and at home, in their Student Reading Logs.

STEP FIVE: Submit Monthly Totals
Submit your classroom & top reader minutes on our online portal by the specified date each month (listed in the Program Instructions).

STEP SIX: Earn Prizes
The top class in each grade for the month will receive a visit from Howler and top students receive 2 tickets to an Arizona Coyotes home game. All teachers who submit their spreadsheets on time will also be entered into a drawing to receive 2 tickets to an Arizona Coyotes home game. The top class at each grade level at the end of the year will be invited to Gila River Arena for a tour and pizza party. (Please note, classroom totals are based on average minutes per student)

Important Dates

August 5: Application Opens

September 19-22: Teacher Pick-Up

October 1: Program Begins

March 31: Program Ends

Current Teacher Materials

Recommended Reading Lists