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Who's That Girl?

by Scott Rintoul / Vancouver Canucks
Remember that girl? You know the one. You dated her for a while, but then you parted ways for a bit. Maybe you went to different universities. Maybe she decided to travel for a while. Maybe she went to work in another city for a few months.

Whatever the case, you’ve reconnected and decided to give it another shot. But something seems a little different; the girl you thought you knew has changed somehow.

If that girl were a hockey team, she’d be the Vancouver Canucks.

Admit it; you thought you got to know the Canucks fairly well last year. They might not have been the prettiest team in the league, but they didn’t play any head games either. You stuck with them through an awkward phase early in the relationship, and they rewarded your loyalty by blossoming into the Northwest Division champions. Things went so well so quickly that it was almost too good to be true.

Scott Rintoul is a host of the BMac and Rintoul show on the Team 1040 broadcaster in the mornings starting at 6am.

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But who were you kidding?

In reality, it was too early to be thinking about a ring. So you decided to take a break for the summer and let the Canucks sort themselves out before you took the next step.

Hey, you saw a few other teams, but you knew that you’d ultimately end up with your true goalmates. And before you knew it, the Canucks were back in your life and looking even better than you remembered. You were never crazy about that Bulis anyway, and while Green seemed to suit them, you liked the new look they were sporting.

In fact, a couple of slight augmentations had you telling your friends just how happy you were. The backend was firmed up with Miller, and you were already making plans with a couple of exciting youngsters that lived life in the fast lane, Raymond and Shannon. As good as life was before, it was only going to get better.

  But something seems to have happened over the summer. That team you thought you knew is acting differently.

Sure, it’s nice to see the red light going on more often – three times a night on average. But you didn’t realize that a little more excitement would come at such a price. All of a sudden your franchise player is starring in “Goals Gone Wild”, and you can’t believe what you’re seeing.

Maybe the old way of doing things didn’t get your heart rate going as frequently, but there’s something to be said for being dependable. What happened to those good old-fashioned values of hard work and discipline?

But all is not lost. Beneath the surface of this visibly altered exterior are the same elements that attracted you just a few months ago, and the Canucks know it too. As much fun as it was to let their collective hair down for a while, they’re well aware they’re more Marge Simpson than Jessica Simpson.

Does Jessica look great in uniform? No question. But she’s style without substance, and she scores more points in fantasy leagues than in reality.

Is Marge perfect? No. She could get highlights more often, and swap the coveralls for Covergirl. But while she might not turn as many heads, she keeps the Homer happy by taking care of business. So you start with Marge, and take her on a shopping spree as your salary dictates.

Because at the end of the day, which Simpson has been more successful in the long run?
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