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Uniglobe road trip diary - Wellwood

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

We asked Kyle Wellwood to share some details with us from the road - and he didn't disappoint. Wellwood gives us the insider's perspective on the Canucks road trip.

After almost six months of being with the team, I’m still getting questions about Toronto all the time. It’s definitely different, I can tell you that much for sure.

I think the biggest difference is that Canuck fans are much less temperamental than Leafs fans! But seriously, it’s been great being here and I mean, we hear it all the time that Vancouver fans are great but until you experience it, you don’t really know the extent of it.

When I was sent down to Manitoba at the beginning of the year, it was hard but when I came back up, the fan support definitely helped me out during that time. I’ve always loved the energy that the fans can bring to the game and the sport.

I mean, in any Canadian market, the fans are knowledgeable about hockey but it’s still nice that fans recognize me and I always enjoy talking hockey, so meeting fans in Vancouver is always entertaining.

In Toronto, I’ve always had to deal with media and scrutiny so when I arrived and was warned about the media attention, I wasn’t too worried. Most of the media has been fine and like I said, Toronto has to deal with enough so it wasn’t too much of a transition for me coming here – at least not as much as other people thought.

Anyway... I’m glad that we got the win last night and it was good to see the team rally like that and get the two points, which is huge for us right now.

I think it’s a team consensus that being on the road right now will be good because we’ll get to spend some time as a team together more and that always helps when we get on the ice. The best part of any road trip is just hanging out with the other guys on the team and the worst part is being away from loved ones.

The guys are great and we're a really tight-knit group already so this will only help us.  With the final push for the post-season this is the time that builds a team and (I know it's been said many times) eight games in eight cities will help us that much more as a team.

On the plane, I’ll usually try my hand at the poker table and then study some game film. Mostly, I’m just trying to rest up before we land in the next city, especially with us being on such long road trips when we are on the road.

It's neat that I get to visit cities that I haven't really gone to as much when I was with the Leafs because we didn't come out West as much but I'm definitely learning more things with each city I go to. 

We don't usually get a lot of time to spend in every city but if we get a chance I'll try to do some sightseeing. But most of all, we really have to string together some wins and last night was a good start.
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