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Two Truths and a Lie - Horvat

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Bo knows a lot of things, but does Bo know music?


For this edition of Two Truths and a Lie, the Canucks forward was put on the hot seat tasked with convincing me of three things, one of them being untruthful.

He’s as good a liar as he is talented NHL rookie.

“Let’s talk music,” laughed Horvat.

Why are you laughing?

“I’m not a great liar, so I’ve got to laugh it out now before we start.”

Whatever you say, Mr. Music.

1 “I love country music”

2 “I can play the guitar”

3 “I can play the drums”

No more giggles, time to get serious.

Follow up questions – keep in mind I also didn’t know what was true and what was a lie when interviewing Horvat.

Tell me about your love for country music…

1 – “My parents used to play it a lot, blaring it in the house or whatever, when I was growing up. Sometimes it was other music too, but mainly country and that really made me a fan of it. Then when I started playing junior hockey, I really became a fan of it, I always liked it but that’s when it really took off. I love Florida Georgia Line, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Dallas Smith, Blake Shelton, all those guys are really good. I saw Luke Bryan last summer and I’m going to see Florida Georgia Line this summer and I actually met them in Nashville earlier this year, which was pretty cool.”

What type of guitar do you prefer and what can you play?

2 – “I like acoustic better, there’s just something about sitting around a campfire playing whatever songs comes to mind. It’s relaxing and helps take my mind off what is going on. I started to play back when I was a kid; my cousin could play so he made me really want to get into it. I’m not a pro, but I can jam. Some other guys in the room can play as well, so we’ve talked about having a jam session one day. That would be something to see.”

Is playing the drums as difficult as it looks?

3 – “At first, yes. I was about eight-years-old when I started and I never learned how to read music, I just played them. I knew the different drums on the drum set and I knew what to hit and when. It wasn’t really songs, I was really into different beats; if you played a song, I could definitely keep up with it, but I never knew any songs. My cousins and I used to have a little band, we’d play at family reunions. We were called Where it Begins because my other family their last name is Bégins – so Where it Begins made sense. We rocked.”

And I’ve been rocked as well. Horvat may be a rookie, but he’s a wily veteran when it comes to fibbing. All of his truths appear to be truths and he even played a little air guitar while discussing his guitar skills, and played a beat on some invisible drums when talking drumming.

Help! Which facts are true and which is the lie?

Comment below and you could win an autographed Canucks puck – all truth, no lies, they actually signed it themselves.


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