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ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor - Vaughn-geance

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

When Derek Toye draws inspiration, he draws.

Toye, a concept designer for Nerd Corps Entertainment, a local computer animation company, spends his spare time cartooning what’s on his mind.

Like everyone else in BC, the only thing on his mind of late has been the Vancouver Canucks.

The photo that best sums up Vancouver’s epic seven game Round 1 win over Chicago is the Canucks piled on top of each other in front of their bench, but a close runner up has to be Toye’s comedic jab at the Blackhawks and mega fan Vince Vaughn.

“I saw an article with a picture of Vince Vaughn laughing at Luongo and I just thought, ‘you Vince Vaughn, movie star actor, how dare you!’” laughed the 36-year-old, who studied illustration and design at Capilano University.

“Then as the series ended I was just so happy and I remember seeing the Green Men with a Vince Vaughn cut out and that was just exactly how I felt ‘down with you Vince Vaughn’.”

Toye celebrated the Canucks monumental series win and vented towards Vaughn by releasing his built up expression and creating the photo to the right.

Bon Voyage, as Vaughn’s sign reads, started out as a black and white picture Toye created using digital comic software called Manga Studio. He completed the sketch there before bringing it into Photoshop to add the colours.

This was actually the second work of art Toye created for the opening round, pre-series he also did a whimsical photo of a Canucks fan sending a Blackhawks-jersey-wearing-dog flying with an upper cut.

Leave PETA out of this, no animals were harmed in the making of this photo.

“That’s actually me and my dog, Chloe,” said Toye, whose canine companion is a two-year-old Bug, a Boston Terrier crossed with a Pug. “After going through the puppy stages and fighting the process, I don’t mind putting her in the opposing jerseys.”

The dynamic duo also makes an appearance in Toye’s 2nd round pre-series photo; this time Toye, still sporting a Canucks jersey, is sneaking up on Chloe, now in a Predators sweater.

“I’m trying to get the jump on her and again hoping the Canucks would take advantage of an inexperienced Nashville team and get the jump on them,” he said.

Should the Canucks advance past the Predators, I wonder who Toye could poke fun at next…maybe a certain blonde country-singing player’s wife?

To get there, Vancouver will need to continue to hit Nashville goaltender Pekka Rinne with shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, with a few of those resulting in goals.

Through three games Rinne has stopped 105 of 110 shots, hence Toye's latest work to the right.

To see more of Toye’s art, visit the Toyebot Draws artblog.

Some of Toye’s work has been added to the mosaic at, can you find it?

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