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ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor - Maggie the pug

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

In hindsight, we should have listened to Maggie the Pearl Wearing Prognosticating Pug a lot sooner.

I first heard of Maggie, a 15-year-old sophisticated, urban pug, one comfortable in all social circles, on Twitter. Her dad, Tom Ryan, tweets from time to time and so does Maggie, @CanuckPug.

Before Vancouver faced Chicago in the opening round of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Maggie boldly predicted the Canucks and Blackhawks would go the distance and Vancouver would come out on top.

She then forecasted a six game series win for the Canucks over the Nashville Predators in Round 2.

Eat your hearts out prognosticators (none of whom picked the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup), Maggie is 2-for-2 in her picks. Like sniffing out a bone buried in the backyard, she’s flawlessly foreseen the number of games and the eventual winner.

Wait, what?

“Unlike other pets, whose owners simply place a treat on a number and go for it - all rather boring - Maggie is much more refined than that,” explained Tom, speaking on Maggie’s behalf.

Being a West Coast kind of gal, Maggie combines her expert knowledge of all things hockey in making her picks. This includes statistics, home vs. road records, upper and lower body injury reports and line juggling, but that’s not all – not even close.

From there Maggie takes a Zen-like approach to come away with a prediction for her beloved Canucks.

“She factors in team karma, forecasted weather and tides, gut feelings, time zones, zodiac signs, myths, rumours and innuendo, good vibrations, and of course, which players have the best hair,” said Tom, straight-faced.

All this information is then discussed during a clandestine meeting with someone within the Canucks organization (rumour has it Fin or one of his allies may be involved) and once she lays it all out in front of her, the pick becomes clear.

What does Maggie see in Vancouver’s Round 3 future?

Not so fast.

First know that Maggie is a tad disgruntled that the Detroit Red Wings will not be facing the Canucks. She is a fan of original six teams and her paws were crossed for the potential storyline of Todd Bertuzzi returning to face his former team.

That being said, Maggie is much too professional to let her personal feelings affect her picks.

She may be losing her hearing, which leads to LOUD cheering and excessive snoring, she may be superstitious enough to have never washed the Canucks hockey sweater she wears each game, she may fight with her kid brother Tex, also a pug, over the last of the kibbles 'n bits 'n bits 'n bits even though she isn’t hungry, but Maggie doesn’t mess with her prognosticating.

Maggie is a cancer survivor, her life has perspective; she knows when it’s time to play and when it’s time to nap.

Speaking of which, the lady of the hour has just arisen from a wee bit of shuteye and she is ready to announce her pick. If someone could let Las Vegas know it’s about to be rocked, that would be great.

Maggie the Pearl Wearing Prognosticating Pug proudly predicts:

Vancouver Canucks will be VICTORIOUS over the San Jose Sharks, in a hotly contested battle, lasting six games.

My tail is wagging too.

Maggie the Pearl Wearing Prognosticating Pug has been added to the mosaic at, can you find her?

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