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The view from above (9.26.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Flames Friday night in their third pre-season game. Here's the best-of-the-best of the night.

- Odd Rogers Arena fact of the day, there is a 91-92 Canucks Smythe division banner hanging in a back hallway for reasons unknown. I'd like to think that random mid nineties Canucks are all over the arena, and that I am just a closet door away from opening it to see Jyrki Lumme reading a book for no apparent reason.

- The South Vancouver Little League All-Stars were brought out for the ceremonial face off before the game. Henrik Sedin continued his unbeaten streak on ceremonial faceoffs in Vancouver, the man is just unstoppable on those.


Ryan Miller made his home ice debut for the Canucks, and while the desire for me to scream "It's Miller Time" is also quite high, all I think of is how Radim Vrbata would give me his super serious look over such a pun.

I just feel like any puns I said would be met by that look, so I will do my best to avoid making any.

Miller, for his part, played great in the period and a half he got on the night, making full use of the pokecheck on one great chance for the Flames. Nothing is worse than getting poked by a goalie when you think you have a sure goal, so kudos to Ryan Miller for ruining the night of a Calgary Flame.

- It's weird watching a system in which Tanev is not blocking 87 shots per period and breaking all of the bones in his body. Instead he passed the puck to his defenseive partner and remained unhurt. It was glorious.

- A quick shout out to the group of kids who shouted "Happy Birthday" to the Sedins several times in the first period. The Sedins responded by cycling the puck on the corner effortlessly, as a thank you.

- Speaking of the Sedins, they have taken to Radim Vrbata like he was a young Jason King. They continued to look good in the pre-season together, cycling in the corners, and passing. Always passing.


Signs there is a new in house Canucks DJ? A techno re-mix of a Nirvana song comes on. The new DJ is bringing the heat this year!

Patrick Sieloff delievered the biggest hit on the night when he took a run at a Canuck and ended up flying into the boards himself. It was one of those hits that made people go "OHHHH" and look to their left to make sure their buddy had the same reaction.

One of the joys of pre-season is watching players become way way way too nice to each other. The over passing was a common theme on the night as each Canuck appeared to be trying to out polite the other one at times tonight.

"No, you shoot."

"No no no, YOU SHOOT."

"No no no, I insist, YOU shoot."

OK, that is going to take some getting used to...

I will say that Linden Vey is ice cold. He bags a goal and acts like it was no big deal. Vey continues to showcase his offensive zone skills this pre-season which has to excite Canucks fans.

- There are times when it feels borderline unfair that the Canucks have the Sedins on their team. It's as if they entered a cheat code and got unlimited lives in a video game. This was on full display on a second period power play as the Twins moved the puck around like it was on a string, eventually cashing in when Hansen fired one home to make it 2-0.

As if angry with me accusing him of passing too much, Radim Vrbata took around a hundred shots (give or take a few) in the second period. Radim certainly has an intriguing skill set. He made some filthy passes on the night, as well as showcasing a hard accurate shot. The season can't start soon enough!

These are what we call "good problems."


No, Jason, you fool, not a pun!

Some goals, all you can do is sit back, and bask in appreciation of them. The Sedins and Vrbata displayed some serious magic on a third period power play that made it 3-0 Canucks. A working powerplay for the Canucks? Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy? Caught in a goal sliiiiiiiide...

Apparently if you want guys to take their shirts off and dance the night away, all you need to do is watch a Canucks game in which the team is up 3-0.

Sometimes Eddie says some really mean things to me.

This is a good point, I won't lie.


Final thoughts on the game? I'm not one to read into pre-season results, but I'm pretty sure the Canucks are going to go undefeated this year.

- One of the perks of writing recaps for the Canucks is having access to the video of in arena footage that goes on during the game, courtesy of Paul Albi, Content Production Assistant for the Canucks. He's the guy who has access to all the super expenisve video equipment that I don't dare look at, lest I break it and have to declare bankruptcy when they ask me to pay for it.

This means if something funny happens on, say, the Kiss Cam, we can show it in all its glory. This also means we can finally showcase the highlights of the minor league hockey that sometimes happens during intermission!

Tonight's "Minor Hockey League Highlight of the Night" is brought to you by the Ridge Meadows PeeWee Rustlers:

What hands! What patience! What a goal!

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