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The music man

by Frankie Corrado / Vancouver Canucks

Just want to get the dragon boat update out of the way for those of you asking about the results. Our teams were just the same teams we've been in all week. We got off to a 2-0 lead and then we kind of let it slip away when they came back 2-2 and then they won it 3-2 in the end. It was close but it wasn’t the result we wanted.

Today, we did some drills then we did some four-on-four and five-on-five stuff on the ice. We didn’t have many bodies so we were going hard pretty quickly, which was good.

Then we went to the gym and did a different workout where your rest time is a lot shorter than your work time so you’re tired the entire time and you don’t have time to recoup. That was a bit challenging but it fun too. I probably lost about 6 pounds in sweat today. Roger and Bryan decided that Gauncy’s group worked the hardest so they won a prize for that. I'm sure we were second.

We were doing some exercises with the ropes that you see some of the UFC fighters using. You can't really tell but it’s a heavy rope – looks are deceiving. You planting your feet and mostly use your upper body for it. You’ll feel the burn mostly in your shoulders and forearms and you’re just pulling the rope up and down - simple in concept, tough in execution. You can use one arm or two, some different techniques but basically you’re just building up a lot of lactic acids in your arms.

It can be good for your shot or if you’re in a corner and you need to bump a little bit, I can see that helping out. They just got it in the gym in Sudbury so I've done it a little bit. The first couple of times, you go kind of slow and then once you get the hang of it, you can really rip through it.

We have yoga later today, which is good because I do yoga about once a week back home, to help me keep stretchy… I’ve done yoga the last three years so it's not new to me anymore. I think a lot of hockey players are doing it now because there’s such a stereotype that hockey players aren’t flexible or they don’t stretch so guys are now making it a priority to do this. I've noticed how it just helps so much with your game.

As you know, I'm a big music fan and I think I got really interested in it was the year of the lockout. I just started guitar lessons and kind of got into music more that way and haven’t looked back since. My dad got me into his type of music so I definitely have a lot of his influences in my musical tastes.

I have about eight guitars now so I bring a couple (one acoustic and one electric) up to Sudbury with me. Sometimes, I'll bring it on the bus with me too. One of my teammates, Ryan Hanes also plays too so we’ll playtogether on the back of the bus. I’m going to say he’s better at the acoustic stuff because that’s what he likes more and I’m probably more suited for the electric guitar because I always took lessons on my electric guitar.

Sometimes, we try to get the guys to sing because we’re not much of singers. As long as everyone sings together, they're usually okay. We try to pick songs that everyone knows and likes. "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)", is a big one on the bus because it’s easy, and everyone knows the lyrics.

One of my favourite guitars was Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin so that’s all I wanted to play. My first guitar was an Epiphone SG so it’s kind of a cheap guitar but I have about eight now that are worth some value. Everyone starting out learns “Smoke on the Water” so I learned that first. But the first song that I really sat down and got through and is still one of my favourite songs is "Since I’ve Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin. I can play every note of that song.

Alex Friesen was supposed to go see the Tragically Hip tonight in Toronto - he had tickets and planned it for a few months now and obviously, he came to camp so keeping with that, we’re going to make the song of the day, "New Orleans is Sinking" by the Tragically Hip. He’s a huge fan but he’s seen them a couple of times. I don’t mind them but I think that if you’re Canadian, you have to respect the Hip. I know a few songs but that’s my favourite one.

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