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The Guide

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

By Nancy Henderson

It contains 264 pages jam packed with facts, statistics and photos to fascinate even the most knowledgeable fan. It's the Vancouver Canucks Media Guide, a treasure trove of trivia.

covers everything from all-time uniform numbers (tough guys Ron Delorme and Tim Hunter wore number 19 before current captain Markus Naslund) to the definition of an assist.

Every season record since the team entered the league in 1970 is here. That inaugural year saw a less than auspicious start, with the team going 1-5-0, beating only Toronto in their first 6 games.

"On This Day in Canucks History" highlights eventful dates for the team. On November 26, 1986, Finnish forward Petri Skriko scored his third hat trick in eight days, part of the hottest scoring period ever for any Canucks player.

But it is the current player pages that contain perhaps the most diverse and intriguing nuggets of information.

Ryan Kesler lists 'Seinfeld' as his favourite television show (did he sell his TV set in 1998 when the sitcom aired its final episode?). Kevin Bieksa is more up-to-date, listing 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Prison Break' as his top picks on the tube.

Markus Naslund, thought by some to be a very serious fellow, would choose if he could, to spend time with wacky comedians Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and Robin Williams.

Clearly, more in-depth information is required. Time to go beyond the Media Guide, directly to the source.

Josh Green named 'Shawshank Redemption' as his favourite film, but described 'For Love of the Game' (the Sam Raimi directed baseball flick starring Kevin Costner) as his favourite sports movie. When asked about the sport other than hockey that he excelled at, Green replied "Ping pong. I play golf but I'm not very good at it".

'Bugs Bunny' was Green's favourite Saturday morning cartoon growing up.

Taylor Pyatt was into the'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles': "I was a Michelangelo fan", he admitted. Asked to name his favourite sports movie, Pyatt chose the Tom Berenger/ Charlie Sheen yukfest 'Major League': "I think I've watched that more than any movie".

Alex Burrows feels better about his golf game than Green: "I think I'm decent. I think I've improved my game. I still have a lot of work to do. I really like golfing, especially in the summer with all my friends. We can just relax and have fun".

Asked about his favourite cartoon, Burrows replied "'Les Cites d'Or' (the Mysterious Cities of Gold) - I've never seen it in English. It's a French show and I really liked it". "Growing up probably 'Youngblood' or 'Slap Shot'" were his favourite sports movies, "but lately I liked 'Radio', the football movie".

When it comes to food, Pyatt, Burrows and Marc Chouinard all name cheesecake as their top dessert pick, while Green is a pumpkin pie fan. Asked about their least favourite vegetables Green emphatically stated "Is squash a vegetable? I hate squash. Oh you know what I hate? Coleslaw! It makes me gag!" Burrows loves steak but "Ohhh mushrooms - hate them!"

Chouinard listed playing guitar as a favourite off-ice activity. "I'm a big fan of music, I know a lot about music and every chance I get I try to learn more about music", revealed the Quebec native. He took up the instrument a few years ago after "seeing a friend playing a guitar by a fireplace just persuaded me to try it out. It's still a work in progress". Asked if he also sings, Chouinard replied "I like to think so. Now as far as if people like to hear me sing - that's another story". Could he take a shot at winning a reality show such as 'Canadian Idol'? The unattached Chouinard thought he would do better as 'The Bachelor'.

Green, when quizzed about his first pet that he got to name, responded "It was probably a week ago. We had a dog growing up but I never got to name it. My girlfriend and I just got a little puppy the other's a Malti-poo." When asked if he was going to be walking it, Green replied "I hope not - we'll see". The newly acquired ball of fluff is named Ernie.

Did Green, as a youngster, ever bring home a pet that he couldn't keep? "We found a snake in the park out front of our house and brought it home. We kept it in a jar but we had to take it back. Mom didn't want snakes around the house."

Pyatt likes to get away on holiday to "Jamaica. I've been there a few times and I always seem to have a good time when I go there. I snorkel and do a little fishing and enjoy the nice warm weather." "I vacation on the French Riviera", said Marc Chouinard. "I played in Norway during the lockout and I did the whole thing: Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nice, St. Tropez." Unfortunately Chouinard just missed the start of the famed Cannes Film Festival: "they were starting to prep up and it was starting to get crazy."

With Christmas just around the corner, talk turned to favourite holiday traditions. If you have been reading Green's blog you'll know he has a passion for pancakes, so his response should come as no surprise. "Our family wakes up in the morning and we have pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries." Later, the full turkey dinner is also on the menu.

Chouinard is "very close to my family: my parents, my sisters, my niece and nephew". He spent the holidays with them during the lockout but "I know it's going to be a little while before I do that whole thing again. Just being with your family and friends, the big dinner, just exchanging the gifts and seeing the kids excited about Santa. That's the best part".

Pyatt agrees with the difficulty of scheduling family time at Christmas. "It's kind of hard now - the family's all over the place. My brother's been playing for the World Juniors for the last few years. My parents were in Austria, Vancouver (last year when Pyatt was playing for Buffalo) and in Sweden this year". He plans to spend the holiday with his girlfriend, having dinner with a few friends.

Burrows enjoys "being with my family and my two sisters, just having a nice Christmas morning and a nice brunch, opening all our gifts together. We did that growing up, every year."

Chouinard's gift wish list is a short one: "Good health. I feel pretty blessed already". Burrows is hoping for "maybe a few goals. That would be a good gift".

We couldn't agree more.

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