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Tanner Glass Blog: Catching up with family

by Tanner Glass / Vancouver Canucks

Tanner Glass
Happy Holidays everyone.

I hope you got a chance to relax and recharge with good food, family, and friends. Christmas flew by for me but it was definitely a great two days off from the rink.

Emily and I welcomed both of our families in from Saskatchewan, Seattle and Edmonton with a couple of great Christmas dinners. It was really nice to spend time with both of our families all under one roof. We enjoyed good wine, board games, and some intense games of catch phrase.

We also snuck in a few games of scrabble thanks to my sister who got me the board game. Scrabble seemed to be the theme in my presents as Emily also bought me the book, “How to Play Scrabble Like a Champion.” I’m taking that as a hint that my family doesn’t want me to embarrass myself in the challenge I have coming up.

One tradition that I missed out on this year was the annual family hockey game that we always played in Saskatchewan. We would rent the rink in town and have the Glass, Boehmer, and Hillier clans on the ice for a friendly game that would sometimes last all day. Hockey is a big part of the social fabric in Saskatchewan and I really hope to continue that tradition with my kids someday.

On the hockey front, we have a busy month coming up with a lot of time spent on the road.

I’m really looking forward to playing Colorado; I tend to play some of my best hockey against the Avalanche. It should be a great trip out east too.

It will be nice to get to NYC to see some friends. In fact, one of my groomsman and former teammates at Dartmouth is planning his own wedding so it will be nice to chat with him about how to keep our girls happy without getting too involved with the actual planning process. I’m also looking forward to our annual Rookie Dinner. After paying for it last year, it will be nice to be on the other side enjoying a great meal with great company.

I received a fan question from Rich who asked about my former line-mate at Dartmouth, David Jones:

“I am a Dartmouth fan, glad to see things are going well in the NHL for you. Loved watching you play in college. I noticed you played Colorado the other night, where David Jones is playing. Was wondering if you guys knocked heads on the ice, thought it would be pretty funny if you guys got into it on the ice. Good luck the rest of the way.”

That’s a pretty funny question actually- David is one of my good buddies and every time we play I ask him to fight, but he always laughs me off. I don’t know what’s up with that. But honestly, Jonesy is having a great year and I always enjoy playing against him

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and comments!

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