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Scrabble, Skills, and Golf

by Tanner Glass / Vancouver Canucks

The Scrabble Challenge was a huge success and I have to say it was such a great time. I could easily be convinced to play again next year.

It was so much fun playing with the help of Jaxson, John, and Kayden from Canuck Place. They were great teammates and they definitely helped me out.

We raised nearly $9,000 through donations and T-shirt sales. The t-shirts went pretty quickly and by the time I got in there to buy some, they were sold out of most sizes. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't order more t-shirts for the event and that they aren't selling them anymore. I definitely think we would have raised more money.

The guys at Passittobulis were awesome sports. It was quite a competitive game and I must admit I was a little nervous before the game started, especially with everyone crowded around my letters and judging my every move!

The mood lightened as the game went on, and it turned out to be a fun-filled special event. And if Harrison hadn't received the best draw of letters in the history of scrabble, I think the game would have ended up differently.

We just had the annual Canucks Superskills competition and I competed in the fastest skater and the breakaway competition. My favorite part of the day was shooting t-shirts into the crowd with the sling-shot. It's always fun to see how far you can fling those tees. Someone even brought a target! We just missed!

I was a little disappointed that nobody got the pie in the face this year. Last year, Welly got me and I was hoping that I would get to do the pie-smashing this year.

On the hockey front, we are back on the road for most of March. This first road swing includes some warmer cities and a golf outing in Phoenix for the boys. It's rare that we get a full day off in the sun belt, so it was nice to get out there and whack the ball around a little bit.

I played with Aaron Rome, Dan Hamuis, and Manny Malhotra. Manny and Romer coached Hammer and I through an eventful round that included some Lil' Wayne from the rough and a pin location on the fringe. It was a pretty fun day, which saw Raffi Torres shooting the best round, 79. He wanted to make sure everyone knew he won, so congratulations Raffi!

We've been joined on this road trip by a lot of rowdy crew of Canuck fans and I have to say, it's been really nice to see the support in the opposition arenas. Keep up the good work!

Until next time... Talk to you guys soon and see you on the 12th back in Vancouver!

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