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Sami Salo's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Day in and day out Sami Salo plays one of the fastest sports in the world but it’s not always enough. With the countless hours spent on the plane, Salo’s always got his Macbook Pro handy but when he puts the computer away he grabs a magazine with his other interest.

“The last magazine I read... it would’ve been a car magazine - a European one.”

Anything catch his eye?

“There’s always lots of cars, I like fast cars.”

The Canucks have spent large blocks of time on the road so that means lots of time to catch up and research the hobby. This also means that he must know a lot about the topic now and he’s got a pick for the car he would want.

“At the moment, the best car is the Audi R8. It’s just a good sports car, you can drive it pretty much anywhere.”

And if you know nothing or little about cars, the one piece of advice he’d give you is this:

“Buy a sports car.”

Thanks Sami.
Ryan Kesler is often called out for having some kind of rap song for his ringtone and Shane O'Brien says his phone never rings (it’s always on vibrate), but where does Salo stand?

“Just a regular ringtone, I hate all the other types of rings. They don’t really fit cell phones.”

A happy medium, we say.

Salo came over to Canada to join the Ottawa Senators in 1998 but true to his Finnish roots, there’s something from back home that he stays true to.

“In Finland we have saying that says if you have a music ringtone, you’re a nerd.”

Salo’s earned notoriety for his heavy slap shot and through his years in the league has met some famous people along his travels. As an athlete, he’s had the privilege of meeting many people that most us don’t get a chance to but he doesn’t have the most famous person in the world in his contacts list.

“I don’t have the President or anything and no, Barack Obama is not on my speed dial.”

While he and president aren’t checking in with each other, the most famous person he dials can’t walk around in this city without being stopped on the streets.

“Trevor Linden - I think that’s it.”

Still impressive. Do you have Trevor Linden in your cell phone?
With three kids and a busy hockey schedule, it leaves very little free time and going out to the movies is a rare luxury for most hockey players, so it comes as no surprise that it took a few minutes before Salo remembered the last movie he went to see.

“Wow, it’s been a while. Maybe it was Step Brothers but I’m not entirely sure - I know it was a comedy.”

Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in a comedy about two grown men, who are forced to live together after their parents get married. It follows their trials as they learn to cope with each other and go through the struggles of two families merging together.

The movie was released this past summer and received mixed reviews.

And keeping with Canuck tradition, Will Ferrell is a favourite and it started with his “classic” movies.

“There’s always Old School, it’s one of the favourites but he’s got so many good ones, Anchor Man but I could keep on going.”

While he has trouble narrowing down one favourite, there is a general group of movies that suit him just fine.

“I don’t really have a favourite movie but I’ve always liked the old James Bond movies. There’s so many of the old ones that are good - all of them are good. I think I could do pretty good as James Bond- I know how to shoot a gun because I spent a year in the army.”
What website does a Finnish hockey player go to when he goes online?

Well, a Finnish site for hockey stats, of course. The last time Salo surfed the web, he visited this site.

“A Finnish website to check out scores in the Finnish league. I go to it pretty much everyday.”

The site is Finland’s national broadcasting company - their equivalent to Canada’s CBC or Britain’s BBC. Being almost 5000 miles away from home (exactly 4612 miles or 7422 kilometres), the YLE website is a good way to keep tabs on home.

The last English site Salo visited was Google and what was he searching?


Well, of course.
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