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Sami Salo's Inbox

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
What has been the most difficult game you have played in your career so far with Vancouver or Ottawa?

The most difficult game was probably my first NHL game because of the excitement and nervousness I was feeling during that game. I think that was probably the most difficult game for me ever.

You are known for your famous quick slap shot, did it just happen or was it something you specifically worked on?

I don't know, I never really practiced or trained specifically to get my slap shot to where it is now, so it probably just developed and got better over time.

Which player do you get along best with on the team and who you play best with on the ice?

Well I get along with everybody on the team. My room-mate on the road is Jarkko Ruutu so we obviously spend a lot of time together. So if I had to pin point one player it would be him. Although, I could easily name every other guy on the team as well, since we all get along so well. Also, I find I play best with anybody on the team. We have so many good players that it doesn't matter who you play with.

Would you say that the new NHL has benefited your play?

I think I'm still doing the same things that I did before the rules changed so I don't know if it's benefited me or not. Maybe on the power play the new rules have allowed me to get a little more time to set up the play and shoot.

How did it feel to represent your country in the Olympics and what was the best part for you?

I think the best part was getting to be in the Olympic Village with all the other athletes. It was an exciting environment to play in and overall a great experience for me.

What is your daily training routine and what kind of workout do you do to prepare for games?

I have a fairly basic routine. I go out to the rink for practice, have my morning skate, do a little bit of stretching afterwards, and that is about it. After that I just try to relax and prepare myself for the game.

What other sports do you play and watch besides hockey?

I play tennis, golf, and I watch them both in my free time as well.

What's the best prank any of the guys has pulled on you or another teammate?

I can't think of a prank that one of the players has pulled on me, but one year I bought a new watch and there was this Finnish magician in Anaheim who made my watch temporarily disappear. Later on I ended up getting it back.

What are your favorite activities to do on your days off?

I just like to relax, and spend time with my kids.

If you weren't playing professional hockey, what would your career choice be?

I might of been a tennis player since I played tennis as a second sport until I was fifteen or sixteen.

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