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Round 1, Game 1: Tweet Trail

by Ronil Desai / Vancouver Canucks

On the opening night of the 2012 playoffs Canuck nation unite in Twitterville in anticipation of another epic Stanley Cup playoff run.

Follow the Tweet trail and you could find yourself on the list. It’s the top fan tweets from Game one.


  • @farhanmohamed THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!! #Canucks #TIWWLF

  • @MzSipra Tonight, we are young. So let’s set the rink on fire, we'll burn brighter then the sun. #Canucks #TIWWLF

  • @michaelaaa My mom talked me into taking the night off studying and head downtown to watch the game. Smart, smart woman. #canucks #reigningCanucks

  • @Hockeys1stlady April 11th. The day Mr. Clutch' 1 and 2 were born. @trevor_linden and Alex Burrows. #happydayofbirth #Canucks

  • @JamieTweedie Jersey? Check. Cleanly shaven? Check. Vanilla coke? Check. Finally ready. Go Canucks Go. #canucks bring it LA queens.

  • @madibetts Game in 2 hours. This is where it gets real. Let's go boys! #Canucks #playoffs

  • @GayCanuck I hear loud, thumping music, car horns and hockey horns outside. IT MUST BE THE PLAYOFFS STARTING! #Canucks

  • @goro316 I might live in #LA but I love my @VanCanucks #TIWWLF

  • @CanucksFan80 The #Canucks begin their quest for the Cup in 30 mins. Let the next 2 months of madness begin! #becauseitsthecup

  • @annascottpiano Amped nervous excited outofmymind jittery proud breathless scared psyched confident ahhhrghh! #Canucks #TIWWLF #reigningCanucks

  • @rockinchick66 Warning to my husband and cat: I WILL be yelling at the TV throughout the #Canucks game! Sorry in advance! #reigningCanucks

  • @KaushalRanigaThe puck is about to drop.Here we go the playoff journey begins. My life begins today #tiwwlf#reigningCanucks


  • @Chinster_R2 Can't help but hate myself for having these feelings again... But god damn... It feels so good! #Canucks

  • @jackermann Overheard in Rogers Arena. "Not so Quick, not so Quick!" as Burrows makes it 1-0 for the #Canucks about four minutes in.

  • @celineli510 Burrows smeexxy goal! 1-0 #Canucks WOOT WOOT #StanleyCup

  • @jasmine_1414 Good job birthday boy!<3 Amazing goal #ThisIswhatWeLiveFor

  • @cdpierce4 Huge hit by Booth and a beauty goal 4 minutes in by the Nucks, good start! #Canucks

  • @opiatedsherpa Zack Kassian vs Matt Greene, a series battle that is already worth watching. Fantastic! #Canucks #LAKings

  • @MackDaddyShak Sneaky cheeky goal by Richards. Can't blame Lou for cheating on that 5 on 3. Let's kick back into gear boys. #Canucks

  • @MikeMatthews9 #Canucks kill off the latest penalty. #ReigningCanucks (made sure to spell it right) #Canucks

  • @trinid After all those penalties it’s good that the game is still tied. #canucks

  • @A_Hawgood Too many penalties but I know we will pull through. We got the power of lou #canucks


  • @manddyjay Time for the middle frame of the game. Expect more of the same with a little more pain. #Canucks

  • @Shaely1 #Canucks kill this power play and top it off with a goal...Just asking.

  • @RalphH_VO Haven't tweeted in a while cuz I'm afraid of being called 4 a penalty by the refs:) Yikes! 8 minors not even halfway thru the 2nd #Canucks

  • @MercenaryDance Willie Mitchell used to be my favourite #Canucks. Now, I'm forced to loathe him. #StarCrossedLovers #ReigningCanucks

  • @causticchick Breathe, boys. Breathe. #Canucks

  • @pavanle1panchal Close to killing the full five minutes. Solid effort on the PK but the man with the long stick makes an appearance.

  • @a_frilles FINALLY EDLER TIES IT! #canucks

  • @marissashley Respect your Edlers. #Canucks

  • @TreenaWood Remember this moment, everyone. This moment could win us the cup. Nothing like a little shot of confidence to open the #playoffs. #canucks

  • @ARMVIN Could be a big momentum shift in the game? Should be fun 3rd period! #Kings #Canucks


  • @gauravkothary Allow them to reintroduce themselves their names are #Canucks. PSA blasting to enter the final period. #Canucks

  • @concretefluff #WinDaTurd boys.

  • @kelsey_bar My 3yr olds prediction of #Canucks 4 - Yucky Guys 2 could still happen. #windaturd #mykidispsychic

  • @garysidhu1 There's a reason why they call him the "The great dane" #canucks

  • @alishapranjivan Brutal turnover and a nifty soccer pass from Carter. Did he mean to do that? 3 minute countdown lets go boys! #Canucks

  • @Chynaflip Dear God or the Universe or @michaelbuble ...Can the #Canucks score another please???? HURRY!!!


  • @korvan The Kings are just collapsing in front of Quick. The Canucks' D should fake a shot and pass to the opposite wing

  • @brettvo #canucks fans, everyone, big breathe now. #process #onegameatatime #longseries

  • @srhngpr Empty netter seals the deal for the opening night of playoffs. Expect a complete turnaround from the Canucks. #realitycheck #Canucks


  • @hafizmoledina I want to punch the Eastern time zone in the face. #Canucks

  • @SocialAssassin2 First time the #Canucks have lost a game 1 since Anaheim in '07.

  • @Miss604 It's best of 7 right? #Canucks will get the #Kings on Friday. #TIWWLF #Believe.

  • @TheKeslord No panic here. #canucks never deserved that one. If they don't show up in game 2 it will be much different

  • @amriitsidhu Ok on to the next one! We will be alright! #GoCanucksGo #TIWWLF

The Canucks will look to even up the series on Friday night in Game 2. Tweet away and you could be one of the few selected to appear on the Tweet Trail.

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