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Roberto Luongo's Inbox

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

How do you compare living in Vancouver to living in Florida? (Kevin Dhami; Amina Ayub Vancouver; Karen Gill; Nick Freeman Falher, Alberta; Shelly; Jerik Cloutier)

It's a bit different, weather-wise, people tell me it wasn't snowing here but obviously it does but it's great. It's a great city and the fans are great, it's a great hockey town so it's very exciting to be here.

Who have you gotten along with most on the team? (Reena Jassi, Vernon; Aaron, Vancouver)

I get along with everybody, I think they're a great bunch of guys in here and I won't say there's a particular player that I get along with the most but when I came here, I came here around the same time with Willie Mitchell so I got to know him a little bit. Trevor's been a really good friend to me since I got here.

What do you like to do on your day off? (Hyuna, Port Coquitlam)

I like to relax and maybe go watch a movie. My favourite movie is the Shawshank Redemption and the last movie I watched was Babel with Brad Pitt.

What was the last book you read? (Leslie, Vancouver)

Actually it's the Martin Brodeur book "Beyond the Crease". I Just finished reading it this week. It was good, it was very interesting to read - some of the stuff, his insights, the way he looks at the game and his experiences that he's had in his career so far. As a goaltender myself, it was something that I was very interested in and if you have a passion for hockey or goaltending or Marty Brodeur, I would recommend it.

What do you like to do during long flights? (Kevin Richmond)

I like to play cards with the boys. A couple hours taking the boys money is excellent. I don't like to brag but so far I might be up the most.

What would you want to do if you weren't playing hockey? (Charis Cerrer, Duncan)

I don't know. That's a question I've been asked a lot and I've never really had an answer for that. Even when I was a kid going to school I never really knew what I wanted to do except for play hockey.

What kind of relationship does a starting goalie have with their backup goalie? (Aquil Virani)

There are different types and the ones I enjoy would be like the one I have right now. It's very friendly, camaraderie, guys encouraging each other all the time, stuff like that. I think it's important especially for the starting goalie to know that the guy behind him is there to support him, not to try to steal his job. I don't if we teach each other stuff but more feed off each other. I think the main thing is to always be there and support each other.

Who has helped you most in your hockey career? (Jayme J, Victoria)

I've worked with goalie coach Francois Allaire for many years since I was 15 at his hockey school and even to this day, before training camp I worked with him in the summer for a few weeks. He's really taught me a lot technically about my game.

What is the most valued skilled that you have acquired as a goalie? (Alex Armstrong, Vancouver)

I think the main thing is just body positioning always being square to the shooter. The best position by taking up as much of the net as possible when the shooter's about to take the shot.

What advice do you have for young goalies who aspire to be an NHL goalie? (Colin Prasad, Port Hardy)

Just work hard and if being a goalie in the NHL is your dream, then every time you're on the ice, just try to get better and work as hard as you can to learn.

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