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Prospect Blog: Steven Anthony day five

by Steven Anthony / Vancouver Canucks

Steven Anthony
They took us dragon boat paddling this morning, which is a first for the Canucks prospects camp. It’s nice that they’re mixing things up this year and doing a lot of new activities with us.

When they first told us about it, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think about it because I had never done it before but what surprised me was that the boats are bigger than I originally thought. I thought they were going to be smaller - we had two boats and I think they both had 16 of us in each - and I didn’t think they would go as fast as they did either. I’ve been boating before but never dragon boating and they taught us how to row too so that was cool. It was pretty fun to do. When we first got into the boat, I thought it was going to tip for sure because it was kind of swaying back and forth and I thought, “Ah man, what are we doing?” But once we got out there, we weren’t even close to tipping and when we got settled, we were fine, it wasn’t swaying as much.

I was sitting in the second row behind Yann, which was probably a bad idea because he was splashing me like crazy. He was probably doing it on purpose but now I know not to sit behind him on a boat.

After we started to get the hang of it, we raced twice. The first time we lost because we got off to a bad start but the second one I’m pretty sure we won although both teams thought they won. Some of the people watching said that our group won but I’m not sure - I think it’s best to go with the witnesses decision.

It was a really good idea that we got to do something fun and help team building to start the day, which gave us energy for the rest of the afternoon. We have more ice sessions and workouts in the afternoon to get us back on track.

After we leave the rink, it’s mostly just been spending time recovering and resting but my roommate Taylor Matson and I did go out for a dinner and a little shopping spree. I got a new t-shirt and jeans but I might take them back because I found another pair I like better but we’ll see. I do have to go back and get a Yankees hat because my other one doesn’t fit. I have a really strange shaped head - not strange shaped but I’m in between sizes and this one actually fits me perfect.

When I’m in Vancouver, I do tend to shop more than when I’m back home but that’s because we’re so close to all the shopping and Halifax shopping isn’t quite the same. Luckily, the weather’s been absolutely beautiful while we’ve been here this week. Tochkin was saying how the weather was cloudy just before we got here and that this is the first week of nice weather so I guess we’re lucky.

I know I’m supposed to reveal secrets about my roommate but I don’t really have any to spill. He’s not very loud and he’s been a really good roommate all week. If anything, he might complain that I wake him because I’m always up before him because of the time change but luckily it’s not his blog, so he can’t say anything bad about me. All I can say is he’s got really long hair and I’ve never had my hair that long before. Maybe he’s a hair-model on the side?

I’m going to switch it up a bit for movie of the day today and not go with one movie but a director: Martin Scorsese. Most people probably know him but if you don’t, he’s directed movies like the Departed, Gangs of New York, Goodfellas, Casino, and older ones like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

If people have seen one of those movies and want to see another one that’s somewhat similar but another good movie, stick with that director and it’s going to be good. I really like Goodfellas but I really like the Departed as well. They’d be my favourites and they’re both very different movies - one’s more modern, the other’s a little older but they’re both really good movies. If my life depended on it and I had to choose one favourite Scorsese movie... I’ll go with Goodfellas (but the Departed is really good too).

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