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OTOW - Volume I

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Our Team, Our Way.

No one supports their team the world over like fans of the Vancouver Canucks. Our Team Our Way is a celebration of Canucks fans showing pride in their team like only they can; check out the Our Team Our Way blog where we showcase the amazing creativity and passion of Canucks fans.

Each week until the beginning of the 2013 NHL Playoffs we'll showcase five Canucks fans and tell their unique story.

Shawn Silverstone

Story Behind Photo:
"Taken in September of 2012 while walking on the Great Wall of China. Many people recognized the Canucks logo and started coming up for high-fives all day. Later on about a dozen Chinese people wanted to take their photo with me and the jersey! It was a great experience!"
Amelia Grace Affolter

Story Behind Photo:
"My wife Carrie and I have been on an adoption list for close to two years waiting for this beautiful girl to arrive. My friend came over to take some photo’s for us and this was the only one Amelia opened her eyes for!! I told my wife, who is an Oilers fan, that this is a sign she will be a Canucks fan for life!!!.
Josh Marr

Story Behind Photo:
"This was taken after we finished an all day elephant trek in Chiang Mai, Thailand on the day the lockout ended. I was backpacking with my wife for our one year anniversary. I threw on my Canucks shirt to celebrate the return of hockey."
Stephanie Buggera

Story Behind Photo: "This was taken in a village outside of St.Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal. I traveled to South Africa during the summer of 2011 for a couple weeks of volunteer work.  We did everything from teaching and spending time with the children who didn’t have access to/funding to go to public school, to animal conservation, and we also built homes for families."
Jim Loutit

Story Behind Photo: "I took my jersey with me to Chichen Itza in Mexico. While on the bus tour to the ruin we stopped at an underground cenote and standing there was this young man dressed as a Mayan warrior. This photo turned out way better than all the photos I have of Chichen Itza itself!"

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