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Offside with Lawrence Nycholat

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks added Lawrence Nycholat onto the roster in early September and bolstered an already deep defence. Coming out of a four-year junior career with the Swift Current Broncos undrafted, Nycholat spent most of the year with Minnesota Wild's farm team, Cleveland Lumberjacks of the disbanded International Hockey League

After two and a half season in the Wild's system, he first got his chance in the NHL with the New York Rangers in 2003-04, where he dressed in nine games for the team and has split time between the AHL and NHL ever since.

As one of the newest Canucks on the team, fans haven't had much of a chance to get to know the quiet defenceman from Calgary, Alberta. Find out some things you never knew about him. Go offside with Lawrence Nycholat.

What’s the story behind your number?

I don’t really have one. I came to camp this year and they asked me what number I’d like and I said I wasn’t sure and then I showed up the next day and I had a 32. So, I just kind of stuck with it.

Editor’s note: Nycholat wore #28 for the New York Rangers 2003-04; #3 with the Washington Capitals in 2006-07; #2 and 3 with the Ottawa Senators in 2006-07 and 2007-08; (his number now is a combination of his Washington and Senators numbers... coincidence? Unfortunately I don’t know).

If you were on American Idol what song would you sing?

Oh, American Idol, what song would I sing… I don’t know, I’m trying to think of what.. Some sort of rock, alternative song, probably. I don’t follow the show that much, so I’m not sure what kind of songs they sing.

What’s the best thing about Christmas?

I think one of the best things is when you get family together, if the schedule permits. But, if not, sending gifts and getting people in your family stuff that they want and the kind of stuff that they don’t expect to get.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

The worst job I ever had? I was a ticket-taker at an amusement park in Calgary. Not fun at all.

Who was your favourite player growing up?

My favourite player growing up was probably… I was a big Wayne Gretzky fan, I grew up in Calgary, but also being a defenceman, my favourite defenceman was Chris Chelios. So, I’m going to say Chris Chelios.

What’s the worst roommate habit?

The worst roommate habit is probably someone who snores or someone who’s on a different schedule than you and they’re not quiet when you’re sleeping. You know they turn the lights on, they turn the TV on, open the blinds and stuff like that.

What former NHL player would you bring back?

Cam Neely probably. I think that he did so many good things well and he kind of had to leave the game before his time was up due to injury. He was a great player to watch, he was a force out there, so I’d like to see him again.

What is your favourite spectator moment?

I like watching specialty teams. I like watching like power plays, if a team has a chance to win the game and they’re on the power play late in the game, I really enjoy watching that.

As for an event in particular, probably as far back as I can remember, in the Canada Cup when Lemieux scored – I don’t know what year that was – but I remember watching it and seeing it over and over again. That’s probably one of my top highlights.

Editor’s note: In the 1987 Canada Cup Lemieux scored the tournament winning goal in Game 3 (in the best of 3 finals). With 1:26 remaining in the third and final game on September 15 1987, Lemieux converted a Gretzky pass for a 6-5 Canada Cup-winning victory, scoring a tournament-leading 11 goals, including four game winners.

Do you have any pregame rituals?

Not really. Usually I just like to pick up a coffee on the way to the rink. Other than that I have, not really rituals, but just a routine that I follow through with stretching, and warming up and biking and stuff like that.

What’s your favourite non-hockey sports team?

The Minnesota Twins.

Who on the team do you think would win Survivor?

Willie Mitchell. Just because he’s pretty knowledgeable of the outdoors, he loves the wilderness. He knows what he’s doing out there and he’d probably be able to make sure the rest of us survive and that’s why he’d probably win.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I think it would be pretty cool to be able to fly, go wherever you want, whenever you want, so I’ll choose that one.

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