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Offside with Jannik Hansen

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Jannik Hansen cracked the roster after an impressive training camp that earned him a spot skating on a line with Alex Burrows and Ryan Kesler, who registered 26 points amongst the trio in the first 11 games together.And injury has him temporarily sitting in the press box but he's on the mend and making his way back to the lineup very shortly.

His on ice story's been told many times before but what else do you know about him? Go Offside with Jannik Hansen and find out.

What is the worst roommate habit?

The worst habit a roommate can have is not napping. I like my naps.

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on ice?

Probably when you were younger and you went on the ice with skate guards or something like that. I’m pretty sure I’ve done that.

What is your favourite thing about your hometown?

Everything is so close. You can get everywhere on a bike and it doesn’t take very long in Rodovre (in Denmark). The weather is basically the same as here – there’s lot of rain, not too cold in the winter.

Vancouver reminds me of my hometown weather-wise but it’s a lot smaller. It’s a smaller city but all the cities are right up against each other so you don’t even notice when you’re going from one city to another.

What is your favourite vacation spot?

Somewhere warm. I liked Greece a lot, I’ve been there a couple of times and Spain is nice too. The last time I was there was probably six or seven years ago.

If you could have dinner with one celebrity, who would it be?

Tiger Woods. I might be able to get a couple of pointers for my golf game. My game is a little rusty, I haven’t been able to play that much last summer.

Who was your favourite player growing up?

Probably Markus Naslund or one of the Swedish players because you kind of relate to players that are close to you. Growing up, we didn’t really get to watch the NHL so it was the Swedish players that we knew. Getting to meet Markus and play with him was a little weird at first but he’s a nice guy so there was no problem there.

What do you like to do on an off-day in Vancouver?

As little as possible. We don’t get many off-days so when we get one, I like to sleep in and do as little as I can.

What is the best place to visit in Vancouver?

I’m not a big sightseeing guy so I don’t go to that many places, mostly just shopping or restaurants when I go out.

What is your favourite holiday?

Christmas because it’s always nice during that time. It’s fairly big back home too and we do most of the celebrations on the 24th – the presents, dinner, and everything else is usually on the 24th.

What is your favourite non-hockey sports team?

FC Barcelona. I played soccer for about 7-8 years when I was younger and when I was about 12-13, I decided on hockey instead of soccer.

It was an easy decision to choose between soccer and hockey because the soccer club played for wasn’t that big so it was kind of like if I wanted to do something in it, I would have to go to another team and I wasn’t fully prepared to do that. I was playing with a lot of friends on that team but hockey was the right path for me.

If you could choose one person on the team to be your partner on the Amazing Race, who would you choose?

Me and Eddy were rooming in Winnipeg so I think I would choose him. We found our way around Winnipeg pretty well so I think we would be able to get around anywhere just fine.

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