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Lack blog: The Lack Ness Monsters

by Eddie Lack / Vancouver Canucks

Hello there again hockey fans! Sorry I haven’t written in a few days, we finished up camp and then opened the season last weekend. And we won both games, so it was a pretty good weekend for the boys.

Oh and Eddies Meatballs, my fantasy football team, won too on the weekend, I’m now 5-1 thanks to a great game from Robert Griffin III. Hey RG3, if you keep up the stellar play and win me a championship, I’ll wear an Adidas hat, eat a Subway sub and drink Gatorade while playing an EA Sports game and thinking about Castrol Motor Oil – and I’ll promise to support whatever you endorse in the future, deal?!?

Are you as excited to see me this weekend as I am to see you? Not you RG3, you, the good looking person reading this blog.

I can’t wait to come play in Abbotsford against the Heat in a few days. Last weekend against Rockford the fans were split like 50-50 because of the Blackhawks guys playing for the IceHogs, but I think in Abbotsford things will be a lot different.

I’ve played in Abbotsford a few times and I love it. I’m really looking forward to playing a home game on the road; you guys will be cheering like crazy, and we really appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll have a few Lack dances for you.

I was hoping to have my new pads ready for the Heat games, but I just got them yesterday, so they won’t be ready. I need like three or four practices to break them in, maybe I’ll even wear them around the house and to bed! Just joking, I think.

I actually designed the pads myself, which I had never done before. I love how they turned out, maybe the Wolf will scare a few shooters, who knows. The name should anyways; I named my pads the Lack Ness Monsters. Awesome, I know.

Organic foods is also something that is awesome too, I’ve decided. I watched the movie Food Inc. a few days ago and I think it changed me, I’m not sure for how long, but right now at least. It was a really eye-opening movie and I’m now trying to eat organic and get the good stuff in my body whenever I can.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. I’ve been feeling better by eating better, I have more energy and that’s good for all the Lack dances I hope to be performing this year!

See you in Abbotsford!


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