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Lack blog: So you think you can dance?

by Eddie Lack / Vancouver Canucks

This whole Eddie Lack Dance has gotten out of control!

It was just something I started doing after shutouts back in Sweden maybe four years ago, then I wasn’t getting enough shutouts, so it became my victory dance.

My dance is just a product of being happy and letting it show. I’ve actually seen some kids doing the Lack Dance this year, which is very funny to me and led the people at the Canucks to the idea of a Lack Dance contest.

Here’s the link to all the information you need – basically you just record yourself doing your best Lack Dance and you could win a Chicago Wolves jersey that I signed.

How do you do the Lack Dance? It’s easy.

I put my left leg up in the air and just throw my arms up and down. See, easy. It can be done fast or slow, if it’s a really big win it goes a little bit faster compared to winning a boring game.

I’m full of adrenaline after a win, so you might have to play some music or something to pump you up to do it. I recommend ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ by Swedish House Mafia. That’s my go-to right now.

You can’t really go wrong if you just lift your left leg and throw your arms up and down, but maybe stretch before you do it, we don’t need anybody getting hurt. And maybe have some heat packs and a hot tub near by for when you’re done.

I’m excited to see your videos, maybe some of you will be brave enough to do the Lack Dance in public? I’ve never done it off the ice, I leave the dancing to Jordan Schroeder, he’s a sick dancer.

Maybe we can even get some really big celebrities to do it like that @strombone1 guy. Nah, we all know he can’t dance!

Get dancing!


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