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Kevin Bieksa's Inbox

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Kevin Bieksa finally got his well deserved first NHL goal early this season and continues to be outstanding on the blueline. After four years at Bowling Green University, he went on to join the Manitoba Moose and now on the Canucks, he's definitely standing out. The fans had lots to ask and Bieksa was more than willing to answer.

How did you feel when you scored your first NHL goal? (Gianluca; Ashna Jassi; Jeevan Gill; Ty Arnone, Kevin Dhami)

I felt relieved at first. It was kind of funny how it happened because I didn't really know if I scored or not because I heard the post. I heard the post a few times before so I wasn't sure if it went in but after I saw that it went in, I was pretty happy, pretty relieved that I finally got the first one.

Was there anyone that's helped you through your hockey career? (Amarbir Dhillon, Abbotsford)

Yes, obviously you don't get to this point without help. I had a great supportive family. My dad kind of got me into hockey and I had two brothers that I played with growing up so the support from all of them. I've had the support from my wife and my in laws all the way through. Coaches and teammates. You get lots of support from people, you don't make it unless you do.

What is your favourite Moose moment? (Ada )

We opened the MTS Centre and the first game was pretty special, closing the old arena, that game was pretty special, and our playoff run we had during the lockout season was a pretty fun time. We had a good team, we had a close team and it was a lot of fun.

Who did you get a long with best on the Moose? (Mitchell Wilson)

I got along really well with Josh Green and Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, a lot of the guys that are here now. Wade Brookbank was my roommate. Tomas Mojzis, got along with a lot of the guys there, Lee Goren. Just to name ten there.

What would you be doing if you weren't playing hockey? (Balraj)

If not hockey, then... I don't know. I went to school for finance so I'd probably be at an investment firm right now. It was just something that I was interested in when I went to school. I was a business major and I had to pick one area. Finance and money... I just wanted to learn how everything worked. I got an offer from an investment firm to go work but I turned it down so I'd probably be there right now. Or a professional golfer. I'm okay [at golfing] but I'd probably be more serious about it if I had more time because I really like it.

When was your first hockey fight? (Mitchie Mitch)

I do remember actually. I was playing shinny hockey in the summer time and I just got into it with one guy. I got into a lot of fights with my brother actually growing up so those are probably the first ones I had. I can't remember, I think I was 14 or 15, I think.

What are some of your hobbies outside of hockey? (Amanda, Vancouver; Erin Holliday, Ottawa; Amina Ayub, Vancouver; Jennifer Kosovic, Vancouver)

Outside of hockey, I like golfing, I like water sports, going to the cottage, stuff like that, going to movies, relaxing. I like a lot of different types of movies, I like funny movies like Anchorman and Old School and then I like some of the more serious movies like Shawshank Redemption, a variety.

If you could play a game in any city in the world outside of North America, what city would you choose? (Jamie, Japan)

Any city outside North America... it would be somewhere in Europe probably. Probably Italy, I've got roots from Italy. I had a friend that played over there and he told me all about it and he said it was pretty neat so I'd probably like to go play there. I've never been but probably this summer.

What advice would you give to others trying to maintain good grades and juggling a demanding athletics schedule? (Sheldon Smaha)

It's just a balancing act that you learn when you get there, you have to manage your time and that's a big thing about college is managing your time. Getting your studies done and then knowing when to go out and have fun and then knowing when to go to the rink and work hard. Everybody did it so I wasn't the only one but it's just something you have to learn to deal with.
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