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Hunter the blogger - Day 3

by Hunter Shinkaruk / Vancouver Canucks

After the exhausting day we just had, I’m amazed I have the energy to type this right now!

Tuesday had it all. We had a good practice in the morning, we did a lot of skilled stuff at the start and then we had a little flood and went on and played some 3-on-3, 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 battle drills. It was nice to get physical and get back into the swing of things again and it was a great practice.

I really love working on skills, especially puck handling, that’s something that I’ve worked on from a young age and it’s definitely a big part of my game. It’s fun going out there and showcasing my hands, but at the same time, everyone at this camp has great hands, so I’ve definitely seen some new things and have had to step it up.

I’ve been focusing a lot on the length of my stick-handling, I’m more short and quick, a lot of speed, so that’s something I need to improve on, the long-range part of it.

After a fantastic lunch break – they had these great turkey burgers, Jordan Subban and I were loving them – we went on to do some dragon boating, which was so much fun.

Out on the water, my team went 4-and-0, you can’t get much better than that, it was awesome. I was rowing beside Bo Horvat, I had to give him words of encouragement to get him going, he wasn’t going too fast – I’m just kidding, he was going hard. We were both sore afterwards; my left shoulder hurt because you only paddle on the one side, and my butt kind of hurt, the benches were full-on wood. Winning four straight definitely helped with the pain!

I think a big reason for our wins were the team names: they were the ‘Big Bodies’ and we were the ‘Whale Watchers.’ We went under the radar with our name, they didn’t see us coming, and we had a great drummer too, kept up the pace, a lot of credit goes out to her as well.

Off the water and into the kitchen, we spent a bulk of the afternoon doing a cooking lesson and getting a nutrition talk.

The cooking was pretty interesting. I could get around not cutting myself using a knife before, but I’ll admit I didn’t know how to use it properly. It used to take me a long time to cut things, now I picked up a few tips and just learning new recipes and just how easy it is to make a good meal was great.

Truthfully, I’m pretty good in the kitchen. My mom will attest to that! She actually taught me. When I’m down in Medicine Hat she makes me cook sometimes, once or twice a week, she knows how important it is for me for when I live on my own, she doesn’t want me going out and spending all my money on food. My meals are very simple, there’s nothing complex: chicken or steak, almost all the time, quinoa has been big with me lately too. My cool meal that I do is asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ham. That’s as creative as I get and I love it.

In terms of nutrition, it’s a big part of becoming a professional athlete and turning pro, so it was good to learn about the things you should and shouldn’t put in your body.

Meats, like chicken, and adding some quinoa to meals, just different things like that, fall under the good category, while fatty foods and junk foods aren’t encouraged – we all have our guilty pleasures though, let’s be honest. I’m a big candy guy, I don’t eat it very often, which is good, but any time I get to see some Swedish Berries or some Nibs, it’s pretty tough for me to say no and sometimes I cave.

I ended a frantic Day 3 of camp eating a sunset meal with Bo Horvat, Jordan Subban and Kyle Hope – romantic, I know. We walked around a bit after, I don’t have the luxury of walking by the ocean in Calgary, so with the weather so nice, you have to capitalize!.

Lights out!

Hunter Shinkaruk

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