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Got ugly?

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

This might come as a surprise, but the Vancouver Canucks haven’t always been the most stylish team in the NHL.

It took the Canucks a few tries before hitting the bull’s-eye with their jerseys; the yellow, orange and black sweater is a thing of the past, reincarnated as the blue, green and white uniform the team sports today.

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Turn down the heat and put on a sweater.

It will save you energy and money, plus this winter, wearing your wackiest sweater could also win you a pair of tickets to the Canucks home game on February 4th versus Chicago and a brand-new Vancouver jersey.

Upload a photo of you in your wildest, wackiest, tackiest sweater to WIN!

Like the Canucks, we’ve all made questionable fashion decisions, some worse than others, but all unforgettable nonetheless.

Oddly enough ‘tis the season to revive these fashion monstrosities, especially the tacky holiday sweaters that have made us look our worst time and time again.

You know the sweaters - they’re typically wool and one single colour, with a hideous holiday scene or picture on the front and maybe even some leftover ugliness on the sleeves. They live in the back of closets or tucked away in the lowest of drawers just waiting for their time to shine.

To the dismay of some and the joy of others, that time is now.

Terasen Gas and the Vancouver Canucks want to see you in your wildest winter attire - the ugly holiday sweater - that helps you beat the chill without cranking up the heat. Upload a photo of you sporting  your not-so-stylish side and submit it to us here for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Canucks home game on February 4th versus Chicago and a brand-new Canucks jersey.

The Canucks already know what sweaters they’ll be wearing against the Blackhawks and they won’t be of the tacky variety. That doesn’t mean the players aren’t keen on dressing down when given the chance.

If time permits, the Canucks are trying to fit a sweater party into their holiday plans and no one will be more prepared for that than Tanner Glass, a veteran of the dreadful sweater who firmly believes “whoever invented these parties should be given The Nobel Prize.”

“I haven’t been back home for a few Christmases now, but I have some friends that have an annual Christmas sweater party, it’s not necessarily an ugly Christmas sweater party, but people usually take that into their own hands and go that route,” laughed Glass.

This Saskatchewan product used to put a lot of time and effort into the search for the perfect sweater and he believes that if you don’t have one by December, you’re probably too late.

“Most of the thrift stores where you can find some beauties are picked over by now. You could get lucky though, I found a sweater one time that had a big bunny on it and the bunny was dressed in a Christmas sweater on my sweater, that was pretty cool.

“I’ve seen some good ones over the years, some with bells hanging off of them or with bows and things like that. One guy one time had lights down the sleeves and then he had a Christmas tree on it that lit up. It had all kind of colours on it too, it was really impressive.”

We’ll have to take Glass’ word on that.

The only rule of wearing ugly holiday sweaters, according to Glass, is that they should never repeat from year to year because “it’s bad luck or something.”

Kevin Bieksa won’t have a problem with that as he's never partaken in a holiday sweater party. But, as he pointed out, he isn't a rookie when it comes to outfits revolting enough to induce sickness.

“I never wore them by choice,” smiled Bieksa. “As a kid I used to have the huge wool knit sweaters that I’d have to wear everywhere, but never willingly. Grandma used to make them all the time.

“I can’t think of one sweater in specific, they were all pretty ugly. You just do what you’re told, suck it up and wear it with a smile for grandma. But I didn’t know any better than either, I might have thought it was the style.”

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