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Gimme some Mo

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

The Alberts family has a history of prostate cancer.

The Alberts family also has a history of dense, thick, luscious moustaches.

Naturally, Andrew Alberts and his family fight one using the other during Movember, an annual month-long event where men the world over sprout moustaches throughout November to raise money and awareness for funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

When the Vancouver Canucks played a road game in Minnesota earlier this month, Alberts, a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, spent time with his father, Dale, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001. Although Dale overcame the disease, the family witnessed how devastating it can be and since then the Alberts men have been snarling stiff hairy upper lips to create change.

“When my dad showed up in Minnesota and opened the car door, there he was with a big grey moustache,” said Alberts, whose grandfather also had prostate cancer. “I started laughing at him because it’s always fun to see that.”

For the past three years Alberts has been taking part in Movember and although support and moustaches were once faint in the Canucks dressing room, it’s a hairy place to be these days.

“It means a lot to me that guys pitch in and make an effort to get the awareness out and raise money to help fight it.

“It’s always fun to grow a moustache,” added Alberts, 16-days into a mean looking Mo. “Whatever you can do to help out the cure and raise awareness, it’s like breast cancer, but this is a huge problem for men.”

While Aaron Rome, Ryan Kesler and Manny Malhotra have been fortunate that neither they nor their loved ones have been faced with prostate cancer, they’re behind the cause 100 per cent.

The brotherhood is now the Mo-therhood…err, the Mo-hood.

It’s no coincidence that since throwing his razor aside, Rome has been putting up points like never before – a career-best three goals and two assists in four games, to be precise.

Rome had 12 points (2-10-12) in 131 games before donning a ‘stash, one that likely isn’t going anywhere even once Movember ends.

“Am I playing with Mo confidence? For sure and now I might have to keep it,” said Rome. “I’ve been talking about that at home with my wife, she’s started liking it. My little guy, he’s 2-years-old, loves it too, we taught him the word moustache and he loves it and thinks it’s hilarious…all he says is ‘moo-tash, moo-tash.’”

Sounds like a mo-bro in the making.

As for Malhotra, he of the thin, pencil moustache, his Mo has positively affected him as much as those who will benefit from the funds he raises through

In a word, Malhotra currently feels quite debonair.

“It’s starting to grow on me, pardon the pun,” he laughed. “I’m starting to look a lot more distinguished and gentlemanly, I think that’s the best way to describe it.

“It makes you feel more macho I think, it makes you feel like a real man and it’s great to see so many moustaches out there and it’s nice to be part of a select few that can grow a serious stash. It’s an honour.”

There’s been nothing serious about Malhotra’s Mo from family, friends and fans who have had an adverse reaction to the turtleneck on his upper lip.

“They’re disgusted, absolutely disgusted. We really have some laughs about it and the wife doesn’t want to kiss me. My siblings laugh at me about it, my kids ask me what it is. It’s definitely brought up a lot of conversation.”

The same reactions and conversations are being had in the Kesler household.

“My kids don’t like it, but I’m doing it for the cause,” said Kesler, adding that his wife doesn’t care for it much either.

Not many of the Canucks are sporting handlebar moustaches, so in the name of gruffing up his facial hair and image Kesler went to work on one during his last shave.

Things didn’t go as planned.

“I can’t grow like right here and I tried it last night and it just doesn’t look right, it looks like I have two…ah whatever, it just doesn’t look right,” Kesler laughed.

The only standings that matter are the amount of money raised through Movember, but the players are ranking their ‘stashes. And everyone poled said they’re the best, except Malhotra.

“I’m up there for cheesiness. We’ve got some solid stashes otherwise, Alberts’ is solid, and then you’ve got someone like Volpatti who’s got a smooth little duster, there’s lot to be said about the classic duster. Obviously Romer’s is hot as well, it brings out the best in him.”

Mo’s bring out the best in everyone.

Canucks Sports & Entertainment will support Movember on Wednesday, November 16, at Rogers Mo-rena. Find out more at

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