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From the Rafters (11.11.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks returned home, a little bit injured, a little bit banged up, but on the path to being first place in the NHL. Read on to find out about all the hits, passes, and Hansen breakaways (rough estimate, he had around 30 tonight).

- Ryan Miller busted out his new lid for this game, and it has to be a top five Canucks mask of all time, trailing only Cory Hirsch's Bates Motel mask, and Gary Bromley's skull mask.

- Yes, it's called the "President for a Day" trophy. It's glorious and comes with a free frogurt.

- Fin. Never trust a dancing whale. Plus he's always shooting clothes out of a cannon, he probably uses lucky underwear to gauge his t-shirt shooting accuracy before the game.


- Bad nicknames will always make From the Rafters. Always.

- There are certain rules hockey fans must follow. One is to not answer your phone during the game. The other one is not saying the "s" word... This is on you if Miller doesn't get a shut out.

- Signs it's a defensive period of hockey? Even the 2 on 1's in the period only involve defensemen. Defensemen AT ALL TIMES.

- Not to suggest the first period was missing some offense, but even the TimBits intermission hockey game was a grinding game with no goals scored. Great board work, though. Lots of puck battles were won.

- At one point Ottawa tried to cheat by hooking someone then scoring a goal. Luckily the refs caught it and waived the goal off and sent Neil to the penalty box. Someone in press row was visibly upset, however, as they had Neil in their hockey pool. #HockeyPoolProblems.

- Former Canucks goalie Alex Auld appreciates John Garrett's culinary advice, as he should. If you need to know what to put cheese and/or peanut butter on, John is always your man!


- Sometimes you just have to turn into a tank and leave a path of destruction behind you as you bulldoze your way to the net to score a goal. Well played Mr. Matthias, well played.

- Just before Matthias transformed into Optimus Prime and destroyed the Senators with his laser guns of scoring death, Ryan Miller and Clarke MacArthur shared some loving stick taps with each other. The best part came when Miller did the ol' "I'm going to hit you SO hard" fake out by raising his stick above his head.

- Signs you're watching a game in Canada? The goalie goes to grab his stick in the corner and the entire crowd screams "SHOOT" the minute a Canuck touches the puck.

- For shame, Raffi! You know how the Sedins work. At one point Henrik had a semi-breakaway and he spun off and passed it behind him to Daniel. This is just what they do. They over pass and they win Art Ross trophies.

- The key play on this goal, aside from the goal itself, is the fact Nick Bonino jumped into the glass to celebrate his amazing assist. One day there will hopefully be videos of Bonino celebrating every day things by jumping into nearby glass. "I just had meatloaf! YES!" *jumps into glass*

- Nucks IceMan was right to worry, because he understands Hockey 101. If you hit two posts in a row, the other team WILL score. Ottawa would score minutes later to make it 2-2. This is just how hockey works.

- For the record, Kyle Turris got the 2nd goal. He was born in New Westminster and played for the Burnaby Express. He scored against his hometown Canucks.

Not cool Kyle. Not cool.


- Nick Bonino most likely jumped into the glass from the bench to celebrate this goal.

- Everything is better than last year. Everything.

- People need to remember that any time a Sedin doesn't shoot, a goal is scored somewhere in the world. That's just how the system works. The Sedins are just very giving people.

- The story of the night? The constant battling back from the Ottawa Senators. They were being mean spirited visitors. It makes people grumpy when the home team loses the lead several times.

- See? Bad Ottawa. You're almost as bad as Kyle Turris.

- What everyone starts thinking once a tied game has five minutes left to go.


- Supernatural can wait, come on! It's been on for like 28 seasons.

- Well this certainly won't help with people who think Canucks fans have big heads. Kudos on rocking the 80's colors, though.


- See, this is why anytime a Sedin passes too much, or has a breakaway and drop passes to the bench, it's ok, because they are always a few passes away from crushing a team just for the heck of it. Don't question the Sedins, just enjoy the ride while you can.

- A one timer, from his knee, from the corner. Daniel Sedin, ladies and gentlemen.


- There was no TimBits goal, and nobody danced in the crowd with any good moves. Next game people need to bring their "A" game.

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