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From the Rafters (10.28.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks took on the Carolina Hurricanes, as they continued their homestand Tuesday night. Read on to find out about all the hits, fights, and whether or not Daniel accidentally mistook Henrik for himself at any point during the game.

- Higgins should score a hat trick, just to really make a bold statement about breaking 300 points. Go big or go home.

- The Canucks don't have any new jerseys planned for this year, but maybe they should re-think that plan. Imagine Vrbata in a Batman jersey, scoring on a breakaway? It's almost too good to think about.

- This appears to be a time traveller...


- Sometimes the Canucks like to score goals so quickly that people don't have time to finish up their dinner and as a result, almost spill it over their laptop as they rush to tweet about the goal. This was not a problem last year.

- Bad nicknames will always make their way in From the Rafters. Always #BurrBonHiggPlague #BurrNino

- Top Shelf Richardson, this is a great bad nickname. You've just made it into From the Rafters.

- At one point in the first period, Henrik ran to the defense of his brother, who had been cross-checked. He even threw a gloved punch at one point! Is this a sign of a new breed of Sedin Twins? An angrier, street tough version of the Sedins?? Do they need new nicknames now? Hank the Shank could work.

- If you're wondering why most of the first period recap is about bad nicknames, it's because the first period was a bit of a defensive battle, with few scoring chances for either side. There was an offside breakaway at one point, which was probably the high point of the first period for Carolina. To be fair, it was a really nice offside.

- Kass was noticeable with his physicality in the first period. He even had five real hits, unlike the thirty hits Cal Clutterbuck used to get credited for, for merely stepping onto the ice back when he played for Minnesota.


- Sometimes the Canucks like to score a goal so quickly into the second period that people barely have time to put down their drink, almost spilling it on their laptop.

- Having someone named Linden score goals in Vancouver again takes some getting used to. He plays like Wellwood, except faster, much much faster.

- The math adds up. Vey is the new Crosby. He will be appearing in a Tim Hortons or Sports Chek commercial tomorrow.

- While you were reading that last statement, Kassian threw ANOTHER hit. This is the Kassian people love to see. At one point he drove to the net with only one hand on his stick, a la Todd Bertuzzi. As long as Kassian never tells Minnesota to not bother buying game six tickets, this is a good thing.

- Daniel Sedin took a penalty in the second period, and immediately apologized to the player he took down, making sure he was ok. This is how Sedins take penalties, they apologize afterwards and probably send a gift basked the next day.

- If you have time to lean you have time to clean.

- Hansen now has three goals to start the year, while playing mostly fourth line minutes. This is what allows the Canucks to roll all four lines, having more well balanced depth than in years past. It also allows everyone on twitter to make Zoolander jokes whenever Hansen scores.


- Sometimes the Sedins get bored and go into Harlem Globetrotter mode. During the third period they dangled the puck on a string for an entire shift, because why not.

- Sometimes the Sedins get SO bored, they decide to do an ill-advised drop pass and let the other team score a goal on the ensuing rush. The Sedins sometimes are too nice in their attempts to make others feel better.

- And it was probably John Shorthouse who said "shutout". The man just does not care for the "shutout" protocol.

- There were a lot of icings in this game. So so so so many icings.

- The Carolina Hurricanes are winless for a reason. Down 3-1, with a minute and a half left in the game, the Canucks cycled the puck endlessly in the Hurricanes zone. Carolina offered up little resistance, seemingly content to lose the game. They are already planning what to do with their first overall draft pick, aren't they?

- The Canucks empty net ability this year has been second to none, as they can seemingly score on empty nets from anywhere on the ice. Brad Richardson finished off his great night with two goals, a fight, and some sweet hockey hair.

- Tough times for Cody Hodgson in Buffalo.


- So Higgins didn't end up getting his 300th point, but Miller got that 300th win. One out of two will have to do!

- The Canucks continue to beat teams that on paper they should be beating. This will take some getting used to if it continues.

- There were no goals from TimBits Intermission hockey, nor did anyone flex enough muscle during the new "Flex Cam" during the game. Moral of the story? People need to dance in their seats more! Dance! Dance and make the post-game highlight of the night!

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