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From the Rafters (10.26.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks returned home to take on Mr. Big aficionado Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals. Read on to find out about all the goals, passes, and if Dan Hamhuis smiled or not.

- The Canucks wore purple jerseys during warm up and all the board advertisements were in purple font as well, as the Vancouver Canucks organization showed it's support in the fight against cancer.

- Cole Cassels looks to be turning into quite the prospect. The only question is, does Geoff Sanderson have a son, and can the Canucks draft him too? The family blood lines have chemistry, it just seems like the right thing to do.

- Assuming a cup of maple syrup (brought to a boil) was drunk before the game, then yes.


- The Canucks came out flying to start the game, as they out shot the Capitals 12-3 halfway through the first period. The Canucks fourth line was particularly good, as Vey and Hansen created several great scoring chances, but alas, could not find the back of the net. They did make the crowd go "OOOOOOH" a couple of times, though, which has to count for something.

- Radim Vrbata had a breakaway in the first period as well, and had the goalie beat, but the puck rolled off his stick at the last second. Apparently Vrbata can miss the net, which will still need some extensive googling to confirm if this is indeed possible. Earthquakes. Earthquakes must have caused him to miss.

- Anytime the Canucks do something better than Calgary, it's cause for a celebration.

- This is a real thing, people. One minute you're reading a tweet about Radim Vrbata looking super serious, the next thing you're reading about Carl possible being eaten by a zombie. Heaven forbid the Canucks ever get attacked by real zombies, that will just confuse everyone. "Wait, Henrik Sedin got eaten by a zombie?? Spoiler alerts, people!"

- The Canucks won more faceoffs than they lost! This has become a legitimate thing to celebrate!


- The Canucks outplayed the Capitals for the entire first period, then promptly went down a goal in the second period. This is how hockey works sometimes, it likes to openly mock you and the team you support.

- Henrik Sedin, aka Passes the Sauce, aka Sir Likes to Pass, is one of the best playmakers in the league. One day, in a Cup Final most likely, he is going to have a 2-on-1 where he shoots, stunning every single person in the arena, winning the Cup for Vancouver. He's playing the long game on this one, folks. In the meantime, yes, he will continue to pass on two on ones, much like he did during the second period.

- Henrik, as if hearing the no shot theory, proceeded to shoot the puck and score, as if to mock said theory. Well played, Henrik, well played. Canucks tying up the game 1-1 was met with cheering and a couple of people high-fived.

- Some goals make you stand up and fist pump and point at people randomly. Nick Bonino had such a goal tonight, when he had a two on one and absolutely roofed the puck, freezing Justin Peters in his tracks. Bones knows hockey.

- Before anyone had time to buy another beer or try out a grilled cheese sandwich, Lucas Sbisa decided he'd get his first goal as a Vancouver Canuck, with a shot from the point. The Canucks second line of Burrows, Bonino and Higgins had a great second period, as their hard work is what allowed Sbisa to get the shot off.

- If the second line continues to play well, they're going to need a nickname. "BurBonHigg Plague" line seems too dark and wordy, and "Not the Sedins" seems too basic. There has to be a middle ground in there somewhere.

- The Capitals made it 3-2 late in the period on a nice tip by Liam O'Brien, his first NHL goal. This seems to happen a lot in Vancouver, who apparently insist on being the perfect hosts, allowing many players to get their first NHL goals. Wayne Gretzky will attest to this.

- This year has certainly felt like 90's video game hockey at times. After last year, where two goals in a Canucks game was cherished and talked about by the village elders and passed on to younger generations for years to come, having so many goals in games this year is confusing, but exciting. The only thing missing is the old school, stick lift above the head, NHL '94 celebrations.


- The Capitals power play, whose strategy appeared to based around one timing the puck a couple of thousand times, could not find a way to beat Ryan Miller. Miller was so he good he looked bored in net today, making everything look easy.

- See? It's just expected that Vrbata will score now. Natural born sniper.

- Vrbata shouting "SWEEP" urgently at Henrik and Daniel as they swept furiously at the ice to help the puck down the ice would be worth the price of admission.

- The Canucks BurBonHigg Plague line (admit it, that name is kind of catchy) was the best on the night, as they seemed to create the most chances offensively for the Canucks. Full credit to the fourth line, however, for also having their best game of the season. Two more games like that from the fourth line, and they too, shall have a poorly worded nickname.

- Everyone played close to 10 minutes or higher on the Canucks, which is a weird opposite of last year, where the fourth line would get a shift or two only when somebody forgot to lock the bench door.

POST GAME Tonight's Post Game Highlight isn't a TimBits intermission goal of the night, it instead some killer dance moves from a Canucks fan in attendance, complete with back up dancers. Even though he runs out of moves halfway through his routine, he steadfastly goes back to some of his classic moves, and finishes up nicely.
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