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From the Rafters (10.04.14)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Vancouver Canucks took on the Edmonton Oilers in the final pre-season game of the season. Read up about all the goals, passes, and Fin shooting t-shirts at people randomly.

- This security guard is really grilling Benj on those tickets!

- Bo Horvat and Frank Corrado posing with a Boston fan?? Well this certainly isn't how I wanted to start the game...


- Higgins scored to make it 1-0 and I ended up learning some science. I googled it, and it checks out, backhands are 75% abs (well, 74.5 but we rounded it up).

- The Sedins like to make me look like a fool. One second I am screaming at Henrik Sedin for passing behind the net while he's in the slot, then the next second Daniel Sedin is banking it in off the goalie for a goal.

- Overheard in press row: "I think the Sedins could be 100 point players again...if they play Edmonton 82 games a year." We later talked about and decided it could involve Calgary as well.

- Sbisa certainly enjoys the physical side of the game. On one play he went to dump the puck in, and not only dumped the puck, but threw a body check as well. I was waiting for him to rip his jersey off and motion to the crowd like Hulk Hogan, but alas, he must be saving that for the regular season.

- File this under "Things I have to get used to". A #17 on the Canucks making passes on the powerplay, and a #7 darting in and out of traffic with slick dangles. Somewhere, Jason King and Brendan Morrison are smiling. For those at home counting, that is now two Jason King references I have used this year.

- I won't lie, there was some heated debate about tonight's Minor Hockey goal of the night during the intermission. I don't want to give anything away, but me and Paul almost came to blows over it. Not really, but it makes the story sound more intense.


- Sbisa had a pretty bad turnover that led to an Edmonton goal, and at first I was thinking "oh man, I should make a joke." Then I remembered how in a championship beer league game I scored in my own net, and we lost the game. Then I got really sad and just kind of closed my laptop.

- One of the fun things about Vrbata is that A) He is super serious in pictures and B) he shoots sometimes, and sometimes he passes. On his goal tonight, he actually takes a second, realizes passing it isn't a great option, and instead of just throwing it in the crease anyways, he decides "what the hell" and shoots the puck. He shot even though he knew there was a high chance Henrik Sedin was going to be super disappointed in him for not passing. "But we always pass..."

- Will Acton cut the lead down to 3-2 when he scored after some nice work by the Oilers in the Canucks zone. I wanted to come up with a fun nickname for Acton but gave up after hitting "Fast Acton' Tinactin" due to my fear that nobody remembers that John Madden commercial.

- I won't lie, I probably laughed way too hard at this tweet.

- Most shocking moment of the 2nd period wasn't the hockey game, it was the realization that the Giants/Nationals game was STILL GOING. 18th inning?? That's like, Henrik Sedin in overtime vs Dallas in 2007 type levels there.

- The Canucks Prize Cannon team came out for the second period intermission, and despite me screaming "Up here, up here!" and lighting bags of popcorn on fire to draw attention to myself, Fin did not choose to shoot me a t-shirt. This isn't over Fin....


- Several years ago it felt like there was an internal competition amongst Canucks d-men about who could throw the most hip checks. Keith Ballard eventually won that contest, but Hamhuis was a close second, and he showed a glimpse of "THE HIPSTER HAMMER" (that name never took off, sadly) tonight with a nice hip check in the third period. No hit is as fun to watch as a good hip check.

- Every year I enjoy watching people who hate "the wave" have to sit through "the wave". They just do not enjoy people standing up in concert with each other.

- The Canucks penalty killing looks like it will be much improved this season. Last year, when the Sedins were being played approximately 55 minutes a night, it felt like they could better utilize some of the bottom six guys to work the PK. This year, with Matthias in particular shining in that role, it looks like the Canucks have a solid group of PK'rs on their hands.

- Touche.

- There is a Spanish Canucks twitter account that exists. I just want to know if they tweet "Gooooooooooooooooooooooal" after a goal.

- Alex Burrows played briefly with the Sedins due to a line change. There were fleeting looks and sad smiles exchanged, then Burrows went on his way.

- The new in house DJ played "Push it" by Salt-N-Pepa to end the game. This was a great moment for me. A hat tip to the DJ for that one.


- Three stars of the game were Ryan Stanton (3rd), Will Tough Acton Tinactin (2nd), and Radim Vrbata (1st). Radim took his first star very very seriously.

- The Minor Hockey Intermission Goal of the Night was a tough one tonight. Both goals were scored by the same player, but the second goal gets the nod due to the goal celebration added at the end.

- And with that game, the pre-season is over for Vancouver. Next stop? The games that count! Will the Sedins and Vrbata light up the league? Will Linden Vey become a breakout star? Will Lucas Sbisa bodycheck three guys at once? There are many questions and we will start finding out answers next week! See you October 11th!

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