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From the Rafters (1.6.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Islanders as Eddie Lack got his chance at redemption for last years 7-3 loss to New York. Read on to find out all about goalie masks that will haunt your dreams, Ryan Stanton’s new found powers, and the proper way to selfie at Rogers Arena.

- Look at Kevin, he’s even mean mugging on the tickets.

- Eddie Lack only dances for two things: Tacos, and wins. There are no tacos here tonight, so there better be a win.

- The other news on the night was a surprise late scratch of Radim Vrbata. While we’ll try not to assume it is the mumps of death that took him down, whatever it was it didn’t stop Vrbata from attempting to intimidate everyone with his stern look from above.


- WINDSOR FIGHT! Upon googling Windsor it appears it was once named “Sandwich” so it’s probably safe to assume that fights between Windsor boys can only be settled by slapping each other with bread. Wet bread or dry bread you ask? That is the question that will keep us up all night...

- A lot of familiar faces stroll through Rogers Arena. It could be Lumme eating some potatoes. It could be Gary Valk having some chicken pot pie. It could be Kirk McLean trying the salad (this is a very food based story apparently). Tonight, Gary Bromley, he of one of the most bad ass goalie masks of all time, was in the house. That mask alone deserves a standing ovation.

Funnily enough, Corey Hirsch, one of the other Canucks goalies who had an amazing mask, was at the rink tonight. Sadly, the two Canucks alumni did not have a mask fight to decide a winner, as Corey Hirsch has donated his Alfred Hitchcock themed mask to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

- All goals against the Canucks are bad goals, let’s just get that straight here. The Islanders, caring not a whit about being polite visitors, ruined the mood in Rogers Arena by scoring the first goal of the game.

- There are two ways to stop a scoring slump. Blame your stick and buy a new one (92% of all scoring streaks are the stick’s fault) or pull out a reverse jinx. Stanton has mastered the art of the reverse jinx.

- Take notes, people. THAT is how you take a picture at a game. Go big or go home. One of the best in arena pictures of the year, you other people need to up your game. Giving the victory sign is not enough anymore!

- See?? That is going big. This has been a good game so far for in arena pictures. People must be excited Luongo is back in town. Also, how do you even make a disco ball hat? So many questions.

- OK, the picture looks like it was taken on a cell phone from 2003, but solid effort nonetheless.


- Raffi asks a good question. One should never make the Raffi upset or angry. The refs should take note of this. He could write mean spirited songs about you that are very very catchy should he choose to do so.

- Ryan Stanton’s reverse jinx magic appears to have worked for more than just himself, as Nick Bonino scored his first goal since December 16th. If you haven’t scored in your beer league for a month or two, maybe give Stanton a call?

- Linden Vey then got into the fun, scoring a goal as well to make the game 3-1. Higgins was later seen vigorously wringing the sweat out of Stanton’s gloves and drinking it in an attempt to soak up its power.

- If a Canuck player gets salt thrown in his eyes and hit with a chair in the third period, we have a pretty good idea of might have done it...

- Let’s all just agree to take a month off of Vey puns. They aren’t Vey funny.


- Why not make some money off of an old Kesler jersey? That’s thinking outside the box. It would also be nice if Vrbata ended up paying him $20 to rep his name.

- Kassian was a man on a mission tonight. When he wasn’t trying to murder people with body checks, he was dishing off some sweet passes.

- Eddie Lack infamously lost to the Islanders last year 7-3, after having been up 3-0 in the game. Eddie himself admitted after the game he would have gotten real nervous if the Islanders had made it 3-2 to start the third, but luckily New York would only get one late goal to make the game 3-2.

- After the World Junior game where Canada was up 5-1 and had to hold on for the 5-4 win, and tonight where the Canucks had to hold on for the 3-1 win, Vancouver fans have earned a night to relax tomorrow. Remember though, if a hockey panic attack hits you, drop to the ground and start doing push ups. It won’t help with the panic attack, but it will help you get some exercise at least.

- You can never escape Roberto, Eddie. He is always watching you. Always.


- From the Rafters usually features a minor hockey league intermission goal of the night, but let’s give it up to the goalies once in a while. Tonight the goalie had the patience to wait out the shooter before slamming the door shut, making a heroic save, earning the play of the night.

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