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From the Rafters (1.3.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Wings, and it was brother vs brother as Drew and Ryan faced each other once again. Read to find out about all of the blue tongued action, and a kiss cam that has gotten too powerful for its own good.

- GAME TIME! Except this time with more shots. Hopefully.

- Raffi continues to outdo Buble in the contest of the Canucks celebrity super fans. Raffi is working the Canucks beat every single day while Buble simply tours the world singing. For shame Mr. Buble, for shame.

- Kassian, wearing clothes a young Tom Hanks would enjoy, dressed for his first game since his finger injury. His plan? Scores goals. Then score some more. Then eat a light snack. Then get some more goals.

- The fellow on the end got distracted! His photo game needs some brushing up. Other than that, the only thing missing is a Harold Druken jersey. Druken deserves some love for that goal against LA many moons ago.


- In case you were wondering, the NFL playoffs started today, something Seahawks fans will be sure to remind you about. Every single day. Until they’re eliminated. Kudos to the fan in the millionaires jersey for forgetting about the camera and just enjoying the moment.

- Although Lego Drew Miller looks suspiciously like Lego Henrik Zetterberg, the point remains that Drew vs Ryan was the main highlight of the first period. Drew had several chances but Ryan stoned him every single time. No word on if Drew broke one of Ryan’s favorite GI Joes in retaliation.

- Seats this close are great because they also show you how the glass becomes an important shield from flying hockey sweat and dirty old glove smell when the players are working hard along the boards.

- OK, it looks like the lady is wearing an NHL branded shirt underneath that coat. Rule 107 when taking selfies at Canucks games, always show off your Canucks swag at all times. Rule 108 is make sure you do your taxes in a timely manner, but that’s a rather boring rule.


- There are several important rules in hockey. This is one of them.

- Edler took out Datsyuk which caused Zetterberg to get super angry and try and hit Edler in retaliation. As Cam Tucker Metro News Sports reporter was quick to point out in press row, it’s not an Olympic year, so Zetterberg and Edler are allowed to hate each other.

- Shawn “Mini Bertuzzi” Matthias split the Detroit defence in the second period and was hauled down on his semi-breakaway. The ref, sensing the crowd wanted a penalty shot, took his time before making his call, milking the moment for all its worth. In the end he decided on a hooking penalty instead. The crowd then made the universal “Awwwwww” of disappointment.


- Just a heads up to anyone going to Rogers Arena to watch a game, the Kiss Cam is SUPER effective.

- Canucks took a one goal lead into the third period, leaving these Canucks fans happy and relaxed. The Detroit fan looks upset about his teams chances of winning, or just realized he is missing a sock.

- Former Canucks draft pick Chad Brownlee (6th round, 2003) was the intermission entertainment on the night. Brownlee, who started a successful country music career once his hockey career faltered, marks as the highest drafted singer the Canucks have ever taken in the NHL draft, after having just missed out on Enrique Iglesias in the 5th round in 2002.


- Although you would think it would be illegal to set up a brick wall in net, apparently the Canucks found a way to get away with it tonight. Miller got his first “Miller” chants of the season from the appreciative crowd.

- What if you are?? GO AWAY, GO AWAY!


- When we say we bleed Canucks blue, we mean it.

- Much like when you’re starving and that box of mac and cheese comes through for you, the Captain Henrik Sedin once again came up when the Canucks needed him most. This time it was in the form of two empty net goals (you could almost see the disgust on Henrik’s face when he realized he couldn’t pass), the first one being his 200th goal as a Canuck.

- This is probably true.

- See? The Sedins look years younger this year.

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