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From the Rafters (1.10.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks took on the Flames in their last game before their next road trip! Read on to find out how it’s never too late to see your first game, and how Santa is a pretty good dude sometimes.

- The big news out of Canucks Nation today was the selection of Radim Vrbata to the NHL All-Star game. While Jason King never reached such heights in his career, he can rest assured that at least his nick name with the Twins (“The Mattress Line”) is far cooler than Vrbata’s nickname with the Twins (“The Sedins and that scary, stern looking guy”).

- But then Beer and Wing Mondays at Rogers Arena wouldn’t feel as special.

- Rumor has it Daniel Sedin promised to score for your birthday.! (OK, this has to happen now, otherwise this will get really awkward after the game.)


- Going to the game with a friend is the best!

- Santa came through! That must have taken a LOT of cookies under the tree to make it happen.

- This is the correct reaction to a goal from the road team. Even worse, there were Flames fans in attendance who actually got to enjoy themselves because of it. That might be worse than the goal itself.

- This is a good picture. Not only are the Fabulous Four front and center, they’ve also got the white light in the background, making them look almost angelic like, as if they exist on a higher plane of enlightenment than the rest of us. Two thumbs up!

- It’s never too late to finally get around to that 1978 New Year’s Resolution of seeing your first Canucks game! Though you can totally ignore that 1996 New Year’s Resolution to invest some money with Bernie Madoff . That one doesn’t turn out well.

- Diving happens in hockey, but Olympic level diving, when you involve the use of all four limbs and rag doll yourself to the ground like you just got hit by a train, deserves a shout out. Flames goalie Joni Ortio gets a 9 on the scorecards.

- You can’t escape them. This makes life tough for certain writers who are Cowboy fans and have to sit mired amongst a sea of Seahawk loving people.


- Let’s take a journey for this second period. It was a tale of the terrible three.

- There were posts. Many, many posts. So many posts you would think they were actually alive and actively trying to make saves on the Canucks. Not just making saves, but making saves on shots going wide and doing the the whole Grant Fuhr, over exaggerating glove saves on them. Real jerk stuff.

- There was a high stick goal that was waived off for the Canucks. Although you couldn’t really yell at the refs for that one, as Henrik had to reach over the net to tap the puck in. Only Martin Hanzal is allowed to do that.

- Bieksa got nailed with a penalty for letting a Calgary Flame hold his stick. This must be a rule under the new 12th Century Chivalry influenced hockey rules that decree nobody may hold your stick without first having broken bread the night before.

Basically it was a frustrating period for Canucks Nation, as the Canucks were outshooting and outplaying the Flames, yet trailed 1-0.


- At one point the Canucks were killing off a penalty and it looked like Vancouver had the powerplay. This game was one long tease.

- The first reaction is to laugh at this, but if potato salad can bring in thousands of dollars, you have to think Canucks Nation would pony up the money for a goal.

- It really was a game where the Canucks seemed destined to not score a single goal. There is no easy way to deal with these games that doesn’t involve having a glass of wine in the dark and letting out a huge sigh.

- It hurts having to read that, but the impact is definitely lessened by the fact it was tweeted by a kitty cat.


- There was one goal that was cheered on by the home crowd tonight, and it was the TimBits intermission goal of the night! Of course, it required the goalie being nice and giving the puck to the other player, but at least it allowed people to experience the joy of cheering on a goal. A standing ovation to the scorer and the goalie who turned into Dom Hasek on the initial breakaway shot!

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