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Frank the Tank

by Frankie Corrado / Vancouver Canucks

The Italians were down 2-0 when I got off the ice this morning so it wasn't the news I wanted to hear. I didn’t see much of the game except for the last little bit during lunch and the result could've been better. I wanted to see Italy win and everyone would enjoy it back home but Spain played really well so they definitely deserved to win. I think it’s probably dead silent back home, everyone’s probably going to give their grandparents a hug or something.

But before all of that, we had a workout today - a lot of lifting, a lot of power stuff. I think they changed up the playlist on us today because the music in the gym was just okay today,yesterday was a lot better. I think they used a different playlist. Yesterday we had a lot of Jay Z and Kanye, which is good for working out. Today was mostly 90’s rock - it was alright.

Got on the ice and did a lot of one-on-ones, two-on-twos stepping away from just skills, now we have to work with a partner and there's a lot more communication and teamwork involved. Getting in the flow a little bit, you do a lot of drills, now you have to add another element of working with a partner, which helps us get ready for the four-on-four tournament we have tomorrow.

Yesterday, we had a team building activity, where we had to do a skit from a movie. My group was Zach Hall, Nolan Zajac, Cain Franson, and Kurtis Bartliff. We ended up doing Old School, where Frank the Tank is streaking, and I was Frank the Tank, since we share the same name and all. Then we had five minutes to come up with a dance to the song “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO. It was interesting, a lot of guys had a lot of cool ideas but I’m not much of a dancer so we did just okay. We also had to find out some things about one of the guy's in our group. Here's what I found out about Zach Hall: his nickname is Hallsy, he’s resourceful, he also enjoys long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. Overall, he’s a really good guy.

I saw that the Joe LaBate cam made its debut yesterday so the torch has been passed and it is really good. I tweeted last night that the cam is in good hands and he’s done a good job, a couple funny scenes.

My roommate is Stefano Momesso and he's been a great roommate, no complaints. After playing in the OHL for three years, I've learned bring ear plugs for the road and to be always be prepared. I had a roommate once who snored quite a bit so I bring earplugs everywhere I go now. Stefano and I get along great, we’re both Italian, we like the same food so dinner’s never an issue. We’re both on the same sleeping pattern because we’re both from the east coast. I didn’t know his dad played for the NHL and for the Canucks and that’s pretty cool.

Later this summer, our hockey team, Sudbury Wolves, is going to Russia to play in the World Junior Club Cup. There are 10 teams from 10 different countries. Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Russia, USA, Norway, Czech Republic, Belarus, and Denmark are the other countries this year. I don’t think any other OHL teams knew about it and our owner made a big push for it so we get to represent Canada, which is pretty cool. The tournament will be August 18-26. We’re in Moscow first just with the team and then we fly into Omsk for the tournament. I’ve never been to Russia before and don't know much about it. But my dad asked me to bring him a bottle of vodka because a guy on my team brought him one back before and he said it was the best vodka he’d ever had so I have to bring him one back.

I went to the Lady Antebellum concert in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it so they will be my artist of the day. I’d like to choose a song that not that as many people know and this was also my favourite from the show, "Stars Tonight" by Lady Antebellum. I’ve already learned how to play half their set list but this is my favourite one to play.

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