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Family, friends & Twitter

by Alex Burrows / Vancouver Canucks
Hi everybody, Alex Burrows here.

At the end of last season I blogged during the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland, and I had so much fun, I decided to do it again.

Well, actually Derek from begged me to blog, something about him needing fresh content and not wanting to write anything himself – just kidding bud.

This season ended earlier than we had planned, but I’ve moved past it now and am focused on next year. After the first round, I stayed in Vancouver for about 10 days and my wife Nancy and I got everything packed up before we left for Montreal, where we are now.

I spend the summer living 25 minutes outside of Montreal in the suburbs, it’s really close to where I grew up and lived my entire life. It’s home. We’re settled now after a lot of unpacking and now we’ve spending a lot of time with our daughters Victoria and Lexie and with all my family and friends around here and my wife’s friends as well.

I took a few weeks off after the season ended, but I’m back working out now, I started this week, and I’ll be back on the ice probably by the end of this month. I wasn’t banged up and didn’t have anything major to take care of with my body after the season, so I’m feeling good and looking forward to a big summer of conditioning.

I’m also looking forward to working on my golf game this summer, but as I found out a few weeks ago, that’s a touchy subject.

I decided to join Twitter (@aburr14) recently because in this day and age that’s how a lot of people are communicating. My teammates and players from around the league and a lot of fans are on there, so I thought it was a chance to show another side of me, instead of people just seeing me on the ice or seeing interviews on TV.

Tweeting has been fun so far, but I’ve learned you’ve got to be extremely careful. I remember one of my first tweets was about my first round of golf this year and I got a lot of heat from a lot of fans and followers saying I should still be playing or I should have worked harder on the ice instead of enjoying golfing. I really understand now that every time I push send, I’ve got to make sure that I don’t create some controversy. I have to be smart about it and that also means staying away from guys like @kbieksa3 and @ryan_kesler; we like to chirp each other in the locker room and sometimes it gets a little bit personal, but if it gets on Twitter, that would be a big mess for everyone.

I didn’t tweet anything about the recent coaching changes we’ve had, but I wish them all the best, especially Alain Vigneault. He meant a lot to me, for my career. I had him in the American League for half a year when I got called up and I was with him for seven straight years in Vancouver, so he means a lot to my career. Obviously it would have been nice to win a Stanley Cup with him, we came close, but it’s part of the business that sometimes you get a new coach, get a new message to try to get the boys going. I understand that side of it and I’m sure he’s going to find an NHL team that’s going to be a good fit for him and he’s going to do a good job over there.

Have a good rest of your day and a great weekend. I’ll be at the Grand Prix du Canada cheering on Alonso Ferrari!


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