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Deadline Primer

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

By Josh Plummer

It's no wonder GM Dave Nonis called the asking prices from some clubs at this year's trade deadline, "a joke" on the TEAM 1040 earlier this week.

Consider the Atlanta Thrasher's giving up a first and third round pick in this year's draft, plus a second rounder in the 2008 draft AND a player from their current line-up for a 35 year-old Keith Tkachuk.

Have I been sleeping for the past few years? When did Tkachuk suddenly become worth so much? The inflated prices at this year's deadline are worse than trying to buy a condo in Vancouver leading up to the Winter Olympic Games.

At least with real estate, the value will only go up.

I think most Vancouver fans will be satisfied if Nonis stays the course of keeping the Canucks future in-tact by not dealing away any picks or prospects. For the first time in a long time, the best move before Tuesday afternoon might be no move at all.

The Canucks are slowly but surely replenishing their talent pool with decent prospects who should be able to help the club in the next two or three years. Speedster Mason Raymond, highly-touted offensive defensemen Kiril Koltsov and Luc Bourdon are just a few of the many up and comers Vancouver should hang on to.

Besides, the Canucks are sitting comfortably in first place in the Northwest and are in the top 10 in the entire league. They haven't done it with smoke and mirrors - they've done it by completely buying into the defensive system coach Alain Vigneault has laid out and by relying on Roberto Luongo.

I like the stance Nonis is taking so far.

He's showing a high level of respect for the players who have brought Vancouver this far and isn't willing to alter the chemistry in the locker room by bringing in a high-priced rental. A depth guy to bolster the troops, or a sound hockey trade for a player who will be at next years training camp might be his only move. But even if there are no deals to be had - I'll back this team and our GM all the way. I think most fans will.

And when did the trade deadline become such a cut-throat day of assorted media outlets clamoring for the inside scoop on which players get traded?

Various internet sites and TV channels are in a heated competition to be the first ones to 'break' the news of player X moving. Sometimes I don't get this phenomenon. It's become so bad; some fans are accusing websites of doctoring the time stamps on their posts just to be a minute or two ahead of their competitors.

I understand media outlets want to be the source for breaking news because it will draw an audience of fans who want to 'hear it first' but does it really make that big of a difference? We're talking a matter of only minutes and sometime seconds here.

Starting on Tuesday morning, or CDC as we like to call it will be doing a running blog of all the major trades that affect the Canucks and we'll give an in-depth analysis of Vancouver moves - if any. It'll be your chance to comment on the trades after they happen.

You can also sign up for 'breaking news' alerts and have any news or trades involving the Vancouver Canucks sent driectly to your mobile phone as it happens. Just go to Canucks Mobile and follow the directions.

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