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Cory Monteith: the Canadian Charger

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Just because you have an interview lined up with Cory Monteith, doesn't mean you're necessarily going to get it.

The 29-year-old, who was born in Calgary, but grew up in Victoria, is a triple threat: actor/musician/Canucks fan.

Monteith’s love for the Canucks runs deep, so much so that with Vancouver in the Western Conference Final for the first time since he was 12, he cleared his schedule to take in his first ever playoff game at Rogers Arena Sunday night.

Now, if offered a chance to discuss the Canucks with the team's official unofficial celebrity, you take it. I strolled down to the Avaya Champions Club during the second intermission of Game 1 expecting to meet a bunch of suits, all of whom want to screen my questions before Monteith is hit with them.

Nope, just Monteith, in a signed Daniel Sedin jersey, surrounded by adoring fans, most of whom know him/love him/stalk him for his role as Finn Hudson in the musical comedy-drama Glee.

From the time I shake hands with Monteith and suggest we head down the hall to a quieter area to talk, no less than 60 people approach him. All want a picture or an autograph or both and he’s more than happy to stop, pose, sign and chat.

For the next 17 minutes Monteith and I move down the hall slower than someone in a full body cast as he continues to meet and greet fans like a politician running for office. In short, he is what most actors hate: a yes man.

When we finally are able to duck into a stairwell (of all places), again it’s a yes from Monteith. He said yes before I even told him I was going to grill him with 10 questions to determine where he ranks as a Canucks fan.

No ordinary questions, oh no, the 10 brain busters prepared for Monteith were strategically put together to determine how hardcore a fan he is and dispel any rumours that he’s simply along for the bandwagon ride.

As you’ll see, he passes with flying Canucks colours.

As you just saw, things were going swimmingly through five questions. He warmly greeted Joe Thornton at Wal-Mart, selected Ryan Kesler to play in his band, gave Canucks mascot Fin a shout out as being the best Fin, scored with a dangle to win the Stanley Cup and then celebrated in style.

Then question six hit and we were derailed quicker than that movie from a few years ago, I can't remember what it was called, you know the one starring Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston...ah nevermind.

You won the Choice Smile award at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, can we see your 'Canucks just got scored on' frown?

Journalism school 101: check your facts and then check then again. Twice.

“I was nominated, apparently my smile is not choice enough, so thanks for rubbing that into my face,” smacked Monteith, who lost out to Twilight actor Taylor Lautner for the award.

“This just got awkward.”

Luckily Monteith didn’t let my journalist faux pas get to him and he closed out the remaining four questions in fine form.

Monteith’s answers to two of the final questions were side splitters.

To the question What would be your hockey nickname? he replied “the Canadian Charger,” which must be added to his Wikipedia profile asap out of sheer on-the-spot-answer awesomness.

And to the final query, It takes a lot of sacrifice to win the Stanley Cup, what are you willing to sacrifice for Vancouver to win?, Monteith gave up what most of us covet the most.

“Sleep,” he said. “I’ll go on a sleep fast. From right now I’m not going to go to bed until the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. If you notice me being a little jittery, drinking too much coffee, falling down or stuff like that, that’s probably why.

“Please win in four, so I can go to bed.”

One win down, three to go.

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