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Canucks gift guide

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

It’s December 16th, nine more sleeps until Christmas Day.

I wouldn’t quite classify hitting the stores these days at ‘last minute shopping,’ but like Santa Clause and his reindeer, that time is nearing.

In the spirit of the season and to help ease your shopping load, here are five Canucks gifts that every fan on your list would love to receive.

Who knows, they might even react like this...(turn your volume down)


Puzzles, games, trivia, facts AND fun. This book has it all. It’s a must-have collectable that towel-waving Canucks fans of all ages will enjoy – especially those who think they know it all.

If you happen to be one of those know-it-alls, tell me then, Canucks guru, which four different divisions Vancouver has played in…or what Hamilton, Saskatoon and Tokyo have in common in regards to the Canucks…how about what Jim Sandlak or Wade Brookbank’s nicknames were?

It’s all part of the goodness inside this 80-page book, brought to you by The Puzzling Sports Institute and Jesse Ross.


Video game enthusiasts have been gushing over EA SPORTS NHL Slapshot for a while now. So has Wayne Gretzky.

You know the add where he’s busting up stuff in his mansion with a hockey stick before the maid hands him the proper Wii hockey stick controller and he proceeds to score on some little kid? It’s for NHL Slapshot and what you see in the commercial is what you get - the game is an insanely realistic arcade hockey experience that puts every pass, shot, check and deke in your hands.

Don’t just take my word for it, even Alex Burrows is vouching for this game and the different modes you can play. “You start on an outdoor pond playing with your friends, your dad's the ref and your mom honks the horn in the car when you score,” said Burrows. “It’s great.”


If you’re a dedicated Canucks fan, ignore this blurb because you are already a member of the Canucks Fan Club. If not, you should be.

This is one of those rare holiday gifts that won’t break the bank because at $9.99 you could spend an afternoon flipping couch cushions for coins and come away with enough money to join or sign a friend up.

Club perks include a membership kit with an exclusive drawstring bag, 10 per cent off in the Canucks Team Store, player meet and greets, private practices and monthly ticket contests.

All this, again, for only $9.99. You can’t afford not to join. Give yourself this gift!


Stop fretting about that person who is impossible to buy for, this gift is for them.

It’s a 40th anniversary replica magazine from Vancouver’s first ever game on October 9, 1970. This program has it all, complete with the most frequently called minor penalties and official referee signals, to a game preview and feature stories, not to mention the countless cigarette and alcohol ads that are so vintage it’s incredible.

Old Canucks fans, young Canucks fans and everyone in between will dig this old school magazine.


If you are anything like me, you grew up wanting to score the overtime game-winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Sadly, that’s not a reality for me or you, unless you are Ryan Kesler or one of the Sedins and you somehow stumbled upon this story.

There is hope for all of us dreamers and it comes in the form of a Canucks Personalized CD from That’s Me Sports. This play-by-play CD is over 12 minutes long and runs from national anthems to an amazing Game 7 win, with you playing the hero and your name mentioned more than 30 times.

As far as unique gifts go, this one hits the mark.

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