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Boeser blog III

by Brock Boeser / Vancouver Canucks
Another day, another blog – I’m starting to get the hang of this.

I won’t go as far as calling myself a blogger quite yet, but I’m getting a lot of good feedback from these updates; I’m loving all the comments and questions, please keep them coming! (At the end I'll do a final blog answering all the questions.)

Monday was another day in prospect’s paradise and it began with some dynamic warm-ups in the gym. Listen up kids: it’s important to loosen up your muscles before hitting the ice hard. Or don’t – it’s really up to you. But I enjoy stretching out and loosening up.

For the first time all camp every player skated at the same time and also for the first time all camp, fans attended the skate. It was really cool to see the stands full of cheering people, a lot of them in Canucks gear. I signed a few autographs and talked to fans a bit afterwards and I can already tell the Canucks have an amazing fan base. We’re going to get a long great.

After lunch we took part in a shuttle run, which is a drill where you run, run, run and then when you think you’re done, you run some more. Did I mention we run? No need to dissect that. Just keep running.

We had a nutrition presentation in the afternoon and I learned that maybe I need to cut back on my intake of chocolate ice cream. That and white flour isn’t great for you, and also there’s a lot of calories in food you might not expect tons to be in. It was a nice reminder of how important nutrition is to become a pro athlete, so please stop tempting me with your goodness, chocolate ice cream.

The day ended with three team building events: blindfolded walk through “land mines,” blindfolded dodgeball and a water bucket challenge. Make sure you check out the video the Canucks web team is making because this stuff was hilarious to be a part of and should be funny to watch. I found out I’m not very accurate throwing a dodgeball while blindfolded, not that it’s a necessary skill anyways!

Time to hit the gym. Thanks for reading today.


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