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Behind-the-lens Road Diary - Day 3

by Jeff Vinnick / Vancouver Canucks
The great thing about NYC is that there are exactly a million-and-one things to do at any given moment.

Tonight, Tuesday evening, a few guys opted for a 5-star dinner, a couple other hit Broadway and a few more went to the live Letterman taping.

I'd like to think I topped the list: I got tickets to the Daily Show. Seeing Jon Stewart in person was something special. Now that I have my gloating out of the way, I can talk about our practice day in the big apple.

Sunday -the plane
Monday -the Island
Tuesday - Manhattan
CDC This Week
We started off with a trip to the NHL head offices on the Avenue of the Americas (at 47th Street). Both Mason Raymond and Roberto Luongo got up extra early so they could do interviews for the NHL Hockey Show. We then got a tour of the offices and met with NHL executive Bill Daley.

They were good enough to give us the 25-cent tour of the office, though we didn’t get to meet Gary Bettman. The NHL commissioner was absent. Though we did get a look at his office.

This is probably pretty sad, but the highlight of his office is a life-sized replica of the Stanley Cup made entirely from Lego.

Sedin navigates the stairs.Roberto, Mason, our valiant cameraman Rory McGarry, Kristin Reid and myself all headed down to the NHL store at the base of the building where we whipped around the store checking out the merchandise. Roberto posed in front of a wall-sized mural of himself that adorned one wall (did they know he was coming? They made the schedule right?!?!).

The boys then met up with the team and headed off to MSG to get ready for the practice session. It was a dress and drive. In my 11 years with the team I've never witnessed the guys doing this. They dressed in all their gear in the Canuck dressing room at MSG, took a shuttle to the Chelsey Pier practice facility, then walked a few hundred yards to get to the public change room where the boys mixed with the public and laced up their skates.

Sedin navigates the stairs.The rink is all windows and overlooks the Husdon River. There was 100 foot yacht moored just off the edge of the water.

Practice was short but the boys skated hard and coach worked mostly with the special teams units.

The great thing about today was we broke from the usual routine of big rinks and fancy dressing rooms. I don't know about the players, but I love it when we mix things up. Maybe I’m selfish, but it makes for great photos.

One more sleep and it's Nazzytime.
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