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by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Hockey players often live the high-life in the summer, gallivanting about with the world as their oyster.

They work hard during the season, so they play hard during the off-season and that typically makes them difficult to track down.

That’s not the case with Daniel and Henrik Sedin.

Every morning, rain or shine, for the last 14 days and for the next however long, they’ll be in the gym at Rogers Arena, or a gym somewhere, training like they’re 18-year-old prospects trying to impress the hockey world.

Thursday was another training day and I was able to wrangle Daniel Sedin aside for 20 minutes. If I’ve learned one thing about interviewing the Sedins, it’s that the better the questions are, the better their responses will be. With that in mind, I turned the responsibility over to you and asked for questions via @VanCanucks and the Canucks Facebook page.

Below are 13 of the best questions, along with Daniel's answers.

@Steve_May: What is a typical off-season workout day for you?

Daniel Sedin: “I spend an hour and a half in the gym, then either bike or run for 45 minutes, that’s about it. Then in July and August we’ll step onto the ice. I haven’t really gotten into road bikes yet, so I ride stationary bikes, and same with running, I run inside here, but outdoors back in Sweden.”

@ohhkae: Which goalie is the most intimidating/your least favourite to face?

DS: “I’d think it’s Henrik Lundqvist, maybe because he’s a Swede, I don’t know. He’s always been good against us and he’s one of the top goalies in the league. I see two tough goalies everyday in practice too, so it’s pretty heartbreaking.”

@BCBerrie: What is his favourite thing to do with his kids? Any special play places he takes them to?

DS: “In Vancouver they love playgrounds, that’s their highlight of the day, so we take them to play a lot. We’re on the ocean back in Sweden, so we’re on the boat a lot, take it to a beach and play there. We just let them be free, they build sandcastles and do whatever.”

Chris Morrison: If you only had 5 hours to show off Vancouver to someone who had never been here, what would you show them?

DS: “That’s a tough question. I’d probably take them to Grouse Mountain, either take them up on the grind or take them up the gondola. On a beautiful day, nothing beats that view; when Henrik and I are here in the summer, we do the grind once a week. It’s great. Then I’d take them to some beaches too, then to some nice restaurants, sushi maybe, Tojo's sushi is my favourite."

@ChrisCCo: How often do you get recognized when walking around cities other than Vancouver?

DS: “In Vancouver, if you walk around, you get noticed, especially if it’s both me and Henrik. In other cities it depends. The US cities aren’t that bad, Canadian cities are hit and miss. In our hometown in Sweden we get recognized, but we know everyone, so it’s not a big deal. But if you go to a bigger city an hour away, they’re going to notice you.”

Adam Mah: If I were to plan a trip to Stockholm, what would you recommend to see? 

DS: “It’s a great city in the summertime, on the ocean, you take the boat out to one of the islands around and have a good lunch. Then you can walk around downtown, you can walk everywhere, it’s great for that, a lot like Vancouver. The weather is beautiful, it’s always 25-30."

@WinnieSun22: Will you be paying attention to the Euros 2012 and Olympics?

DS: “Absolutely, it starts Friday and I’ll be watching every game. Sweden plays on Monday so I’ll make sure I’m home to watch it. I’m a big soccer fan, I love it. We both do. We played until we were 16-years-old, we were midfielders. We’re pretty optimistic for Sweden, so we always say we’re going to have a chance to win, but they’re in a tough group with England, France and Ukraine. If we can get by the group stage, we’ll be happy.

“As for the Olympics, I’ll be watching those too, it’s going to be a great summer for sports. I’ll watch any event, I like every sport, it could be bowling on TV and I’ll watch it, it doesn’t matter. So the Olympics is a great event for me.”

@wholegrainne: Between you, Henrik, Edler and Pahlsson, who would do the best on Sweden's Euro 2012 team?

DS: “Henrik would probably be the best. He’s got the most skill, he can run forever and he’s pretty good. I could see Edler too being a defenceman, heading the ball a lot.”

@shonazhang: Where's the gold medal you won with Sweden?

DS: “Here in Vancouver in my house. It’s not in a frame or anything, I actually saw my daughter was playing with it the other day, so right now it’s not very shiny, it’s in the toy box or something. I’ll make a good place for it when we move back to Sweden.”

@wholegrainne: What's his favourite thing on TV right now?

DS: “I like Conan O’Brien, that’s my favourite show. I don’t have much time for TV, just a good late night show.”

@adriarose_: What are his feelings on Miley Cyrus's recent engagement?

DS: “I heard that on the radio, I was crushed…(laughter)…no, that’s great for her.”

Bryant Hsiao: Was it you that I ran into and took a picture with you last summer at Choices market? I'm 75% sure it was Hank, just double-checking.

DS: “I would say it was Henrik because he shops there more than I do. I go to Urban Fare and Safeway, I like Choices too, I’m just not there as much as he is.”

Stephen Chastain: Can you prove that you're not actually Henrik?

DS: “I can provide DNA I guess. Some fingerprints? It’s me, don’t worry.”

Editor's Note: I am aware the photo above is of Vanessa Bayer from Saturday Night Live and not the actual Miley Cyrus. Either way, getting to include this photo is 'pretty cool'.

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