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Ask A Player - Matt Cooke

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Q: When you're playing can you hear the cheering from the fans or are you so focused that you tune it out? (Alayna - Burnaby, B.C.)

 You hear the loudness, you don't hear specific words fans are saying but you do hear the intensity of the crowd.

Q: How did it feel when you scored a goal in your first game back from a broken jaw? (Charis Cerrer - Duncan, B.C.)

 It was a bit of a relief, you want to come back and have an impact on the game, and I was fortunate enough to be able to do that.

Q: How did you change or adjust your play when you came back from your injury. Did you feel that the shield was a hindrance to your usual style of play? (Kevin - Guelph, Ontario)

 It was definitely hard coming back, although because it was just my jaw that was injured, I was able to train hard and come back playing the way I play. One of the priorities of staying out six weeks instead of four was to make sure I could come back and play the same style.

Q: I admire your in - your - face style, no holds barred, front of the net style of hockey. Who has been your main hockey influences? (Carroll Goehringer - Nanaimo, B.C.)

 If I had to pick one influential player it would probably be Wendel Clark because I really admired how he played. Although, a lot of how I play, has just come naturally because for me, it is the most fun way to play the game, and I'm not doing it for anyone other then myself.

Q: When you are on the road which player do you room with and which cities do you enjoy visiting the most? (Olivia Jameson - Duncan, B.C.)

 I don't really have a favorite city; I just tend to make do wherever I go. Besides, every city has its own unique attributes. My room-mate on the road is Ryan Kesler.

Q: When you are not playing during the season what do you enjoy doing? (Joyanna Shore - Coquitlam, B.C.)

 Spending time with the family is the biggest priority for me, especially when I get back from the road. I have young kids who are lots of fun, and you miss out on a lot while you're away. So, I want to make up for as much lost time as I can while I've been away.

Q: Why did you choose the number 24 to be on the back of your jersey?

 I did wear the number twelve in the minor league and as a junior, but since Stan Smyl has retired #12, I just doubled it to get 24.

Q: What is your favorite type of cookie? (Vivian - Burnaby, B.C.)

 It's a toss up between chocolate chip and oatmeal raison.

Q: When Marc Crawford mixes the lines, does that motivate you more or does it disturb the flow with your line mates? (Randy Marsalla - Las Vegas, Nevada)

 Well, Marc Crawford mixes it up in order to get the play started, so you just try to go out and adapt to your new line-mates.


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