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Ask A Player - Eric Weinrich

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Q: Before the trade deadline, did you ever think you'd be traded to the Vancouver Canucks? (Nick - Vancouver, BC)

 There were a lot of rumors and talk about it every time the Blues came out to Vancouver, so it wasn't totally a shock.

Q: What was your reaction when you first heard you were traded? (Dylan - Coquitlam, BC)

 I was really excited. I've always liked playing games in Vancouver, and also to play in Canada for someone who hasn't, is exciting, especially this time of year. Also, Dave Nonis and I were team-mates when we played for the University of Maine in the mid-eighties, so that definitely made the trade an interesting situation. Overall, I knew I was going to a good team and I was excited to get the opportunity to play here.

Q: Does the city of Vancouver and the fans here differ from St. Louis? (Robert Lee)

 Yes, Canada is 100%, a hockey market, but in St. Louis, the Blues were the third sports team situated there, along with football and baseball. When I first came to Vancouver I was walking around and people were saying hello to me. It's definitely a really neat feeling to be in a city where the fans are behind their team so much.

Q: What is the biggest change coming to Vancouver from St. Louis? (Nick - Grande Prairie, Alberta)

 The biggest change would have to be that Vancouver's in the hunt for a play-off spot and in St. Louis there wasn't that much to play for anymore, as far as the post-season goes. To be in a situation like this, for me is great. I haven't had the chance to be in the play-offs for a couple years, so the race here in Vancouver is a lot of fun.

Q: What is it like playing with old teammate and good friend, Keith Carney as well as taking on a new team, especially in this crucial time during the play-off run? (Krystal - Vancouver, BC)

 It's always great to be reunited with a guy you've played with for so long. Keith and I shared a lot of good times together and coming to a new team is always a special experience. I knew a few of the guys before I arrived here, but you never really feel like you're not a part of something when you come to a hockey team like the Canucks. The guys here were all very friendly and welcoming to me. All and all, I'm just excited to get to a team that is in the run for the play-offs, and play with some guys that are familiar to me.

Q: What's the story behind your yellow visor, and have you worn it your whole career? (Jarnael Payer - Delta, BC)

 I started wearing it as a favor for a friend who worked for the company that made it. I ended up liking it, and now I hardly notice I have it on. It's something I've gotten used to and it actually helps people notice that I'm on the ice when they're watching games, especially if they don't watch hockey that much.

Q: When you first decided to take on the sport of professional hockey, what was your motivation in keeping your mind set on your goals? (Ivy Chau - Langley, BC)

 Playing pro hockey was always something I dreamed of doing. I was just trying to fulfill my dream, and the closer I got, the more motivated I became. I guess that what spurred me on the most. I have a lot of role models and heroes in hockey, and hockey has always been my favorite sport.

Q: Can you tell us about the charity you help support? (Lorraine - Hilton Head)

 Right now my wife and I, along with another fellow are working to put together a golf tournament, which we've been doing for the last five years for Alzheimer's research. The tournament is in honor of my grandfather who passed away from Alzheimer's, and every other person that have been afflicted with the disease. It's pretty special, and it's a charity that's really close to our hearts. I'm also a big supporter of Cancer research. My mom is a Cancer survivor, so I definitely support that charity as well.

Q: What team are you looking forward to playing the most in the last eight games? (Tanner Smith - Langley, BC)

 I would have to say Anaheim because they seem like they're one of the hottest team's right now. The last couple of games that we've played against top teams we haven't played as well as we would have liked too. I think playing Anaheim or even San Jose would be a good measuring stick for us.


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