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Ask A Player - Brendan Morrison

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
How was fishing in the off-season, how many fish did you catch?

It was a pretty good year. I got the chance to get up to the Queen Charlotte Islands twice. I did fairly well up there. I think I caught five fish which were over 30 pounds, so it was a good summer. I got the chance to get out sturgeon fishing a couple times, and I took my little boy for the first time. It was pretty neat; he actually caught a one foot sturgeon on our first trip so that was pretty neat.

On your off-days during the season what do you like to do?

Well, now it's pretty much family time. With three kids at home it's pretty tough to get away so I save my fishing for the summers. With that being said, I really don't get out as much as I used to since I've had kids. But that's fine, the kids are awesome and I love spending as much time as I can with the family.

Do you find it easier or harder playing in the Lower Mainland, a place where you grew up?

For me it's been an extremely positive experience. When I first got traded back here, a lot of people said that it could be a burden having family and friends requesting tickets. But it's actually been a really positive experience, and there hasn't been one bit of negativity associated with it. Overall, it's been a pleasure playing in my hometown.

How do you deal with having two of the most high profile line mates?

Our line's under the microscope, there's no question about it. We have a job here to score goals and provide offense. When things are not going the way you want or expect them to, you have to deal with some adversity. We're going through that a little right now with our line not clicking and being a little out of sync. But that's the way it goes sometimes and my approach is to not dwell on what has happened in the past few games. You've got to move forward to the next couple games, and really focus on trying to turn things around.

Do you have a routine that you stick to, when you're on the road?

It's a pretty simple routine. A lot of the time the guys will go out before a game to dinner, and some guys like to go to movies. But other then that, were not too exciting. A lot of the time we spend in our room reading books and also probably do a little too much t.v. watching.

What is your favorite tv show?

Right now I'd have to say the reality show, The Amazing Race. I get a kick out of it. Since I play every night it's tough for me to follow a particular t.v. series. On top of games, having three kids also makes it tough. By the time they get to bed at 7:30 or 8:00, you're so wiped out you don't want to do anything. So to be honest with you, I haven't followed a sitcom or a series for a few years. I do catch bits and pieces though. I try to watch The Amazing Race. My wife and I like to tape it and watch it as our late night t.v.

How old is your youngest daughter, and how are you dealing playing hockey with no sleep?

My youngest is nine weeks. My wife is tremendous, she's a real trooper. She makes sure I get my rest, and I am very grateful and thankful for that. I have no problem getting up in the morning with the kids. But at night, I have a difficult time, since I'm a pretty sound sleeper. So my wife takes care of the kids at night and I try to return the favor in the morning.

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