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Ask a Canuck - Andrew Alberts

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver defenceman, Andrew Alberts, is the newest addition to the Canucks blue line. Alberts has played 62 games this season with the Carolina Hurricanes before coming to Vancouver. He has also played for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins. So far this season Alberts has recorded 11 points (2-9-11).

Although Alberts is still searching for that much coveted Stanley Cup ring, he isn't a stranger to winning. He won the state championships in his senior year at Benilde-St. Margaret’s high School in 1999.

By looking at the roster sheet, you may know that the 28 year old Minnesota Native stands at 6’5”, 215 pounds - standing above the rest of the team but what do you really know about him? He took some time away from the ice to answer your questions.

What made you want to pursue hockey as a career? (Victoria P, White Rock, BC)

I was lucky I grew up in Minnesota where hockey is big. I had a bunch of uncles who played hockey so I followed them through their time in college and in the minors so I had a chance to watch them and wanted to be just like them.

How did you end up becoming a defenceman?

I was the only one who could skate backwards so they threw me in there.

What do you do when you're not playing hockey? (David C, Richmond, BC)

At home I like to golf a lot, relax on the boat. I also go to movies a lot, nothing too stressful.

How is the Canucks style of play different than the Hurricanes? (Bethany H, Agassiz, BC)

The Hurricanes have a little different forecheck. I mean you look at the skill around this room, the Sedins, Burr, and Sammy. We have three lines that can really go so it’s a little different atmosphere. They want the defence to get up in the play and pinch down quite a bit more here, taking some time to adjust but it’s getting better.

What is your favourite road city and why? Favourite thing to do on a plane? (Adam M, North Vancouver, BC)

Anytime I go somewhere warm, I used to love going to Tampa. On the plane, I’m a big movie guy, so I love just kicking in a movie, relax with the guys, and watch a flick.

What is your favourite place to go in Vancouver so far? (Kevin S, Coquitlam, BC)

I like the Yaletown area. I just go down and walk around there, it’s always a good place to be.

What is your most memorable NHL fight? (Caitlin A, Surrey, BC)

I think my rookie fight I fought Tie Domi and it was a pretty memorable experience fighting a guy that tough and a guy that’s been around and respected around the League so that was probably the one I remember most.

After spending some time with the Canucks, who do you get along with the best so far, and what was the most fun part of your recent road trip with the team? (Adrianna C, Vancouver, BC)

I knew Kes a little bit before so Kes and I get along pretty well and getting to know all my defensive partners here. I spend the most time with them so slowly but surely getting to know everybody.

And the road trip, well everybody seems to make fun of Hordichuk so that’s always pretty fun.

What's something in Carolina that you miss that Vancouver doesn’t have? (Alexis H, Burnaby, BC)

You know what, everything that’s been here is so much better than in Carolina. The atmosphere has been great, walking around the city, the shops, the food, there’s not a whole lot that I miss. Raleigh was pretty quiet and family orientated so it’s a little bit different here but I like it a lot.

If you could go on vacation in any country in the world where would you go? (Crystal S, Surrey, BC)

I want to go to Costa-Rica. I heard it’s beautiful, there’s great beaches and it’s part jungle there.

Who is your favourite singer or band? (Peter D, Vancouver, BC)

I’ve been a big fan of Counting Crows since I was younger, been to a couple of their concerts, they were really good.

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