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Alex Bolduc's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Walking into the Canucks dressing room, Alex Bolduc isn’t the most vocal guy on the team but when it comes to the type of music he listens to, he likes it loud.

Seether and 3 Days Grace top his list of concerts in recent memory. He saw Seether in Winnipeg last year, when they visited the MTS Centre during last year’s playoff run in April and 3 Days Grace just this Christmas break back home in Montreal.

There’s one thing to listen to a band on the radio or on an iPod but going to a live show is a whole other thing. Bolduc can attest to this after seeing Seether perform their best songs.

“I liked Seether a bit before but really liked them after that concert,” he said. “I’d say Seether is more my favourite band now than 3 Days Grace.”

Seether is an alternative band from South Africa, with the hits Disclaimer and Broken (with Evanescence’s Amy Lee.

Bolduc had the opportunity to go home during Christmas and was lucky enough to catch 3 Days Grace live. Sometime it’s not just the music that plays a role in a good concert but as they say in real estate, it’s location, location, location.

“The last one was a small venue - there were only about two to three thousand people so just being that close was pretty awesome.”

“It was in probably one of the only arenas I’ve never played in Montreal. I’ve never even seen it before.”

For the record, the arena is called the Cepsum Stadium at the University of Montreal - home of the school’s sports facilities.

With 3 Days Grace in town performing at GM Place tonight, can you expect to see Bolduc there? No - the Canucks fly to Minnesota in the morning as the band takes over GM Place.

“It’s kind of a bummer but I know Lukowich is pretty good friends with them so hopefully I’ll get to meet him before we leave for the road.”


Okay, so not all hockey players are all about the hard rock, all the time and Bolduc goes against the grain with his cell phone ring tone.

“A song from Slightly Stoopid called Wiseman - they’re more of a mellow, kind of like Sublime type of group. They’re a group I listen to when I want to relax and chill out.”

Slightly Stoopid is a band out of San Diego, California influenced by an eclectic mix of rock, blues, reggae, hip hop and punk music genres. Wiseman is a song from their 2003 album, Everything You Need.

Since Media Blitz started on two seasons ago, no one has actually had a significant ring tone - or at least no one’s admitted to that - so what made Bolduc add some flare to his incoming calls?

“I actually downloaded a song just for my alarm so I wouldn’t have some annoying alarm when I woke up and I just put it onto my ringtone as well.”

And while we’re bringing up history, in past Media Blitzes, we’ve seen Trevor Linden, Alex Burrows, Cuba Gooding Jr., and even Barack Obama (still no proof out on that one) as some of the famous people in the Canucks address books.

When asked about the most famous person on his contact list, Bolduc shot a question right back.

“Does Luongo count?”

Works for us! Add one more to the list.


Being a professional hockey player has its advantages and disadvantages and not being privy to a regular schedule is one that falls into both categories.

The job requires a lot of flexibility and hard work but it doesn’t require sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day on a regular basis. So for his fix of a “regular job routine”, Bolduc never misses an episode of The Office.

“That’s my favourite. I’ve watched it since season one and it’s been my favourite ever since. I’ve probably seen every episode twice.”

“There are a few favourite episodes but I think the Halloween one from season two or three is probably one of my favourites. But almost every single one of them can be - they’re all great.”

In case you missed it, Wikipedia can fill you in on the episode.

So there was some hesitation in narrowing down the best half hour of the sitcom but the best character was a no-brainer.

“Michael Scott is the best character just because he cracks me up every time.”

Steve Carell portrays the Co-Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton - the show’s fictional paper sales company - and in an effort to get to know the quiet Bolduc a little better, is there any resemblance between Bolduc and Michael Scott?

“No! I really hope not.”


There’s no doubt that Bolduc is athletic - he’s a professional hockey player - but if there’s an athletic feat that he doesn’t anticipate doing in the near future, it’s rock climbing. As an avid reader, he’ll live vicariously through the written word instead.

He lists Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer as his favourite read.

“I heard about it from someone (but I don’t remember who) so I picked it up and it was a pretty hard book to put down.”

“When they were talking about seeing the dead bodies on their way up and seeing people frozen to death but they still kept going up top of Everest - it’s something that sticks in your mind.”

Krakauer chronicles his climb up Mount Everest telling the stories leading to the decision to make the climb and the tragedies along the way.

The book is now a best-seller and translated into Chinese and Japanese.

On a side note, Tanner Glass, who sits right next to Bolduc in the dressing room and was listening in on the interview, plans on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this summer.

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